Build your best kitchen – In 6 simple steps

13 May, 2021

Build your best kitchen – In 6 simple steps

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Becoming a homeowner is an exciting step towards defining your own living space. Another great way to add your personality on your home is by designing and building the very best kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Here are 6 top simple tips to help you achieve just that.

Six Simple Steps To Building A Better Kitchen

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Choose a kitchen design that is practical and stylish for your life

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When it comes to home design, the kitchen is undoubtedly king. It is the busiest room in the entire property, and will subsequently have a telling impact on your daily life. Unfortunately, it is also one that is often overlooked in favour of other living spaces. If yours has been underappreciated in recent times, now is the moment to put things right.

As a homeowner, you want to complete a transformation that will deliver value for money as well as value to your life. Therefore, the recipe for success is one that will produce great results without a huge investment of time or money. Here are six of the best tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Your best kitchen design accommodates your family

First and foremost, you need the kitchen to become a room that is both safe and functional. Without these fundamentals in place, success in other areas will feel redundant. Crucially, the kitchen should be tailored to your family needs. All kitchens need smoke alarms, but households with kids will need to childproof the room too.

This could mean adding locks to cupboard doors or adding guards to cover the oven when not in use. Flooring choices and other interior design additions may influence the overall safety of the kitchen space. Likewise, adding an extractor fan can help combat the potential threats of cooking with fire. 

No two families are identical, which is why all kitchens should be unique too. If you tend to cook using a slow cooker or a fat grilling machine, the kitchen countertop layouts should reflect this. Personal convenience is key.

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Choose a sink and tap to suit your kitchen style

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2. Upgrade Your Lighting & Colour Scheme

Most people would agree that a spacious home will feel better than a cluttered atmosphere. Particularly when dealing with a hectic kitchen. A thorough decluttering session will instantly make the room feel bigger. It can subsequently allow you to achieve more with the space that’s available. But lighting and colour schemes are where a real difference is made.

The kitchen is a room where natural lighting is easily embraced. Whether it’s through big windows, skylights, or creating an open-plan space is up to you. Either way, good home lighting will enhance any luxury furniture in the kitchen or adjacent dining room. A combination of natural and electrical lighting should be used.

As well as lighting solutions, you can make the room feel bigger by choosing lighter colors. Whites, creams, and neutral hues all help reflect the light. Mirrored surfaces and metals like chrome and stainless steel also work well.

3. Let Kitchen Essentials Deliver Aesthetic Appeal

Keeping the kitchen spaces organised is one of the most important steps for maintaining the winning vibes. While clutter is never a wise option, it should not stop you from investing in the essentials. Once again, the kitchen is likely to be the busiest room in the entire home. With the right strategy, those items can enhance the look.

The approach you take will be influenced by the style of kitchen you want to create. Gorgeous Hamptons style decor can be displayed on shelves. Or display cabinets to create a traditional, farmhouse, or rustic vibe. The classy tones can be supported further with visible spice racks or hanging pots and pans over hooks. 

When opting for a modern or contemporary style, using bold colour schemes and contrasting crockery works very well. Whichever route you want to take, a consistent theme that incorporates kitchen items will bring serious rewards.

4. The best kitchens go green

Appearances count for a lot when building a better kitchen environment. However, you should not ignore the benefits of creating an eco-friendly kitchen. For starters, it will establish the type of peaceful atmosphere that you crave. And it works especially well when it’s combined with a tranquil garden or outdoor dining area.

In truth, though, the chief benefits of going green are that you will help the environment and save money in the long run. Efficient dishwashers and kitchen appliances are an ideal starting point. You may also want to add a filter tap or an instant boiling water tap. It reduces your energy waste on boiling kettles or buying bottled water.

An eco-friendly kitchen may also incorporate ideas like growing herbs on the windowsill. Either way, greener upgrades help the room become a place that promotes health and happiness. Perfect.

best kitchen
Decorate your kitchen with fresh and colourful produce

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5. Change The Doors

When looking to update the look of a kitchen, the thought of a complete refit is quite daunting. Aside from being expensive and time-consuming, the bulk of the work is a waste. After all, the structural features of the cabinets are probably in great condition. It’s only the surfaces and front-facing items that need attention.

Painting the doors can be an option, especially when you have wood rather than high gloss. However, you may also wish to consider replacing the doors. This will make the kitchen look brand new. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to make sure that doors no longer obstruct each other or cause problems. 

It may be necessary to reconfigure some of the internal elements. For example, you may want a drawer organiser or to add a turntable to the corner units. Maximise internal space while boosting appearances to unlock the best results.

6. Make Practical Updates

You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With this in mind, it should be turned into a stress-free environment. Simple upgrades that make your life a little easier will have the biggest influence on your mindset. An island, or maintaining worktop space next to the cooker will be a great starting point.

You also need to consider access to water. The IKEA range of kitchen taps is very practical. Hoses, for example, will allow you to avoid the hassle of fitting pots under the tap. When you have several pots being used simultaneously, keeping stress to a minimum is hugely rewarding.

For further improvements, you can add modern Smart tech features to read out recipes while you cook.  Got Your Main Kitchen Perfected? Try an Outdoor Deck Kitchen!
Outdoor cooking in a custom modularly built wooden deck kitchen is spectacular. The cost of an outdoor kitchen isn’t that high, and you can customize it for your deck. You can even customize just your large patio! 
If it helps you become the king or queen of mealtimes, your entire family will reap the rewards. Day after day. Year after year.



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