Building a custom home? Avoid these 6 common slip-ups

6 Mar, 2021

Building a custom home? Avoid these 6 common slip-ups

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If you are dreaming of becoming a homeowner or you want to upgrade to a custom home design, think ahead. Take time to plan your custom home design and how you want to build to ensure the smoothest build. Custom home builds are fraught with challenges. This is especially true if you are a first time home builder. Read on to learn how to avoid the most common errors homeowner make when undertaking a custom build.

6 Common slip-ups homeowners make when building a custom home

custom home
Building a custom home allows you to add features you’ve always dreamed of


If you’re a first-time homebuyer or moving to an upgrade, searching for your next house can be a long and arduous process. The longer you search, the more you’ll consider a pre-built model that meets more of your wish list features. Before you decide to compromise on something not quite right, consider building a custom home. that way you can meet all your needs.

With a custom home design, you’ll have a unique home built for you and packed with every imaginable feature and finish. However, creativity can run wild as you create a sanctuary that reflects your particular tastes. Customizing your home is a perk in itself, and there are certainly many practical benefits to building your home from scratch.

Planning your custom home

Custom homes can be budget-friendly, as you pick the amenities you want while nixing the additions you don’t need. If you ever decide to sell, these homes retain their value better than pre-built homes due to how unique they are

Prepare to build from scratch to avoid the risk of hitting construction barriers. Whether you’ve signed a bad contract without consultation or tacked on unnecessary charges with unwanted additions, there are many mistakes an ill-equipped homeowner can make. By doing your research and being meticulous, you can avoid expensive, poor decisions as you build your home.

Choosing the wrong house plan for your custom home

Before you can break ground and begin building, you’ll need detailed blueprints. There are two standard house plan options to choose between— custom and stock house layouts. With a custom design, you’re able to work with a contractor to create a home from a blank canvas with all the features you want.

However, custom plans require a qualified design professional and an individual blueprint. This can be a lengthy process.  The advantage of stock home designs is  they are ready plans previously drawn up by designers that you can adapt.

Before choosing your plan, list out dream preferences, write up non-negotiable features, set a budget, and select an architectural style. Once you’re ready to look at plans, partner with a provider like Monster House Plans to browse all of your options before making a decision.

custom home
You can adapt ready plans for your particular home use

Moving from designing to building too quickly

It’s easy to get impatient during the design phase of a custom home. You may tire of attending meeting after meeting with your designer and architect. Or by contrast perhaps you’re too excited to see your dream become a reality. Whatever the reason, many first-time home builders mistakenly rush the design process and build as quickly as possible. This can be an unforced error.  Take your time before laying the the first brick, to think.

Even before laying foundations, remember that making changes to your design on paper is easier than during the build. Take time to ensure your blueprint is complete. Consider any lot limitations that may exist. These vital steps will keep you from having to make expensive alterations once the building process has started.

Not considering your future needs

Building a custom home is a long-term investment that requires proper planning. Plan your dream home well to avoid the cost of further renovations later one.

When designing your own home, you can get carried away with many fancy features. If starting a family is in your future or you’re thinking of becoming a petowner, plan now for what you will need. For example, extra bathrooms, a spacious pet-safe garden, and multiple bedrooms are all features if you’re planning a family.

custom home
You can design your main rooms exactly as you want them

Leave the installation process to the pros

When you assemble your team of contractors and designers, it’s important to hire trustworthy professionals with credible experience. However, regardless of how skilled your team is, it’s vital to stay hands-on with the building process. Avoid costly mistakes like improperly fitted windows and poorly installed roofing by staying in-the-know at all times. Researching proper installation techniques can help you ask the right questions as you oversee the building process.

Not having a contingency fund

While you’ve prepared a budget for your custom home, you may have forgotten to set aside a contingency fund. You can guarantee you’ll encounter unexpected fees and expenses. More often than not, building processes run into hiccups. Without a contingency fund, you may struggle to come up with the additional funds to solve potential complications. Whether it’s a delays because of weather, or unforeseen conditions like toxic soil, a contingency helps you navigate the challenges.

Dangers of skipping a home inspection

It’s all too common for excited homeowners ready for move-in to skip vital home inspection steps. Without an examination, you run the risk of missing out on crucial home maintenance tips or potential hazards. Before you book an in-house inspector, consider a third-party inspection company for an entirely unbiased and honest examination.

Custom homes – The bottom line

Building your home is an intensive process with many phases. Prepare well so you don’t fall prey to the common mistakes made by other first-time home builders. By being mindful of every detail, you can avoid repeated pitfalls. This way you will make building your dream custom home a smooth, exciting process.

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