Building a new home? Things to remember

16 Dec, 2021

Building a new home? Things to remember

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Most homeowners dream of building a new home to their own specifications. You can choose the size of the rooms, how the space is arranged for your particular use and family. And if you can realise that dream how well do you prepare? Here are the top things you must remember if you get the chance to build your own house.

When building a new home – Top things you must remember

building a new home
Ensure you know what you are asking for when building a new home

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Building a new home is undoubtedly a popular option for many people seeking to own their own houses. According to the National House Building Council, about 123,151 new homes were registered in the UK in 2020.

Key points when building a new home

Building your new house is an exciting but typically overwhelming experience because you must make many crucial decisions. Still, you can enjoy a great outcome by following several helpful tips. Here are four things you should do when building your new house.

  • Finish before moving in

As you are building a new home try ti finish before moving in. It might seem like an obvious thing to do. However, it isn’t uncommon for many homeowners to move into their new homes before they cross the finish line. You may want to move in before the building is finished because some projects that seem unimportant might be holding up your move-in date.

However, these projects can take more time to complete afterwards, and you may even have to pay more to get them done later. Therefore, ensure that the contractors you have hired finish all the little projects before moving into your new house.

  • Hire the right people when building a new home

It is no secret that you need numerous professionals to build a new home successfully. As such, who you hire for the job is perhaps the single most important decision, you will make. Therefore, obtain recommendations from relatives and friends who have worked with architects to find the right one for your new build.

contractors for home renovations
Your contractors will be on site for some time. Ensure you are happy with your choice of builders

Research your potential building contractors

Additionally, meet and interview many builders before picking one for your building project. Also, ask for referrals from these builders to know how their past clients felt about their work. You might want to also see products that the builders will use in building your project to access high-quality building materials used by professionals.

Snagging when building a new home

Finally, hire home snag specialists between construction work being finished and your completion date.

A snagging survey checks your new home for any problems or quality issues so your builder can rectify them per the necessary building regulations.

  • Think green and consider eco techniques and materials

Many experts agree that energy efficiency is a prime concern that would-be homeowners should pay attention to. Consequently, tell your architect and builder about your intention to build an energy-efficient home.

Your property will be designed with energy efficiency in mind for the best results. Also, invest in the best insulation, faucets, HVAC systems, and other energy-efficient appliances to make your new home sustainable.

time to sell a house
Always build your home with resale in mind, it helps later
  • Building a new home with resale in mind

Moving out of or into a new home is the last thing on your mind when actively building a new home. However, research indicates that British homeowners have resided in their properties for 21 years. Consequently, there is a high likelihood that your new home will not be your last one unless you plan to age in place.

You may need to relocate for various reasons, so building your home with resale value in mind is always best.

Summary – Things to remember when building a new home

Therefore, go for timeless design choices that boost resale value while making you happy. For instance, you can prioritise your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and curb appeal when building to attract a broad range of homeowners.

However, don’t add too many features that make your home too expensive than other houses in the neighbourhood since this can put off many buyers.


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