Buying a safe for home? Here’s what to avoid

1 Sep, 2021

Buying a safe for home? Here’s what to avoid

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When you are settled in your home and you are thinking security you may consider buying a safe for home. A heavy home based safe can protect all your valuables if it only gives access to anyone who has the combination code for the lock. Many homeowners today consider this option and sometimes they buy a safe without researching the options. And for keeping pets and property safe we always recommend not leaving your home empty but finding a live in house sitter to mind your home. However, in addition to home sitters for security, when you have precious portable items you may need a secure box or safe in  secure room.  Here is a list of options and mistakes to avoid when you are wanting to buy a safe for home.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying a Safe

buying a safe
Many of us dream of the security of a bank vault

Having personal possessions of great importance can be stressful, especially if you want to ensure that they don’t get lost, damaged, or stolen.   Luckily, there are several gun safes you can find for less than $1500, which can be well worth the investment if it means keeping your possessions safe

The following will explore one method of keeping your precious items protected: a home safe. It is worth noting that while safes can greatly improve the security of the possessions you store inside it, if you have reason to suspect that you’ve been targeted for a crime, reach out to your local authorities.

Not Measuring Your Space

When shopping for any larger item, this tip comes up. Despite this, very few people actually take the time to do it. Measure the space you want to keep the safe in before you buy it. In all likelihood, you’re going to want to tuck the safe away somewhere, like in a closet or cupboard.

Please note – When buying a safe …

The master bedroom is always where thieves look first for valuables. If it’s not going to fit, then you’re going to have the hassle of returning the safe (they are far heavier than you realize) and getting a new one. Save yourself the trouble and measure your space beforehand. Better yet, measure it twice and make sure that you get the same number both times. If you don’t, keep measuring and get someone to check. Allow the tape measure to roll up completely between each attempt to measure until you get the same number twice in a row.

Not Looking For Free Shipping

Safes can be big and heavy, and this means the cost of shipping them can be quite high if you’re not paying attention. With or similar provider, you should be able to secure free shipping. If free shipping is not advertised, ask about it. You’d be surprised how often asking for something makes it happen. 

Not Figuring Out How Big A Safe You Need

If someone is storing rifles securely in a safe, they’re going to need a lot of space. More so than, say, someone who is storing family heirloom jewellery or valuable paperwork. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to aim for a safe that is little bigger than your plan.

Please note – When buying a safe …

You shouldn’t go smaller if you can’t find exactly the right size you had planned. This is because, like with any other form of storage, once  available, you’ll realize there’s more you can store for safe keeping. The kids’ birth certificates, family passports, wills, private documents, things that might be dangerous if the baby gets at them, etc. You’ll find once you have a safe, there’s quite a lot you want to keep in it.

Not Understanding Locking Styles

There are two common forms of safe locks:

  1. Dial combination lock is the less expensive option and does not require batteries. This locking style requires a professional locksmith if you want the combination altered, and those with shaky hands or poor eyesight might have trouble operating it.
  2. The second option is a digital keypad lock which tends to be easier to open. This style comes with security features for any failed attempts. However, typically they need batteries, and often they cost a little more.
buying a safe
Another security solution for personal possessions is a bank safety deposit box

Not Considering Durability

Depending on the reason you’re getting the safe, you might want to consider elements of durability. Waterproof safes can help keep things from getting mouldy or water damaged, which can happen in humid environments and can target paper items like wills and real estate documents. If you have a built-in sprinkler system or live in a flood-prone area, this is especially important.

Likewise, fireproof safes will protect things inside in the event of a fire. You’ll notice that fireproof safes will include a number of hours they will protect items during a fire.

Not Asking What The Installation Process Is Like?

Think about where you want to keep your safe. You’re looking for somewhere out of sight but relatively easy for you to access. Figure out what additional measures you need in place given where you’re storing the safe. If it is something that can be lifted and carried away.

Please note – When buying a safe…

A thief doesn’t need to break into a safe in your home. He or she would prefer to take the entire safe away if they can carry it. Then they can figure out how to get inside once they are away from the property. Usually this is somewhere where the risk of getting caught is lowered. You might want to look into the process of bolting the safe down to the floor. Some retailers offer installation, while in other cases, you’ll have to reach out to a professional to bolt it down for you.

 A final word of advice on buying a safe for home

The information offered in this article should help you figure out the details of selecting and purchasing a safe. Having a safe in addition to a live in pet and house sitter will help keep your property safe. Buying a safe for home to keep your property protected is one of the ways you can manage your home security.

Again, it is critical that if you feel you have been targeted for theft or other crime for any reason, you reach out to the authorities immediately.


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