Caring for a petowners home

29 Jul, 2022

Caring for a petowners home

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If you are a petowner you know you need to manage cleaning and home maintenance. And as a housesitter what does caring for a petowners home mean? Whether you have only recently adopted or bought a pet, or a petsitter and in residence you will also need to read this blog. Learn our top tips on caring for a petowners home.

How to care for a petowner’s home – Top Tips

caring for a petowners home
Pets are adorable but you need to manage their living space in the home

A lot of families bought pets during the Covid lockdown. This is no surprise. But did you know how many? Data from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) reveals that 3.2 million UK households got a new pet in the first year of the pandemic.

Many of us sought to stave off the isolation that lockdown restrictions forced upon us. The introduction of a furry friend was clearly a popular solution for individuals and families alike.

Pet ownership is growing

The PFMA estimates that as of 2021, 59% of households owned at least one pet – with cats and dogs unsurprisingly the most popular types, with around 12 million of each.

There are certainly plenty of advantages to having one in the house – and companionship is just one of them. But they provide a number of challenges too. Not least of these challenges is maintaining cleanliness. This is especially true when you consider what so many of us let our pets get away with.

With many of us having pets at home we need to manage a wide range of accessories, collars and toys.

Caring for your furniture

A survey of 2,000 people carried out by fitted furniture specialists Hammonds dug deep into how lenient we are with our pets. It can be very surprising how lax some households can be, even with resident pets. The results were startling. So, what is especially important in caring for a petowners home? What can you do to make sure your home stays in good condition?

Specific rooms to manage with pets


According to the survey, a whopping 41% of owners let their pets sleep in their bed. So, if you fall into that category, make sure you keep a lint roller close at hand to pick up all the excess fur and fluff that is bound to stick to your sheets, pillows and other soft furnishings.

You’ll also need to be wary of it making its way onto your clothes – especially if you prefer to throw them onto a chair at the end of the day rather than tidy them away in the wardrobe!

caring for a petowners home
Where your pets eat needs routine cleaning, a priority for housesitters when caring for a petowners home


The best part of the day for any pet is usually feeding time – but their enthusiasm to get stuck in can make a mess. Keep all your pet and dog food in proper containers.

Putting a rubber, washable mat down underneath their bowls can make a huge difference to the condition of your floor. And, if you’re one of the 15% who let your pet lick your plate once you’ve finished eating, make sure that gets a thorough wash before it’s used again!


One-in-five owners wash their pets in the family bathroom. However, it makes sense to use a separate towel for drying them off afterwards. Choose and old one that you’re not as fussy about, perhaps! You should also make sure any pet-specific shampoos or conditioners are kept well out of the reach of any children.

Living room

More than half (51%) of respondents to the Hammonds survey admitted that they allow their pets to get comfy on the sofa or other living room chairs. It can be nice to have a cuddle when watching TV, but be prepared to pay the price afterwards! Use your lint roller and push the hoover around regularly to make sure the build-up of fur doesn’t get out of hand.

Caring for a petowners home in summary

There are many ways as you see to help you stay on top of pet care and home care in the home. Caring for a petowners home needs constant attention to the furniture, the pet living spaces and the most popular busy rooms within the home. Check the furniture to ensure the pet isn’t damaging or ruining any pieces of movable or fitted furniture.

Then make sure if you wash the pet in the family bathroom you clean especially well after. And good cleaning routine is essential especially wherever the pet likes to sleep or hang around. This will help when caring for a petowners home keeping it clean and tidy year round.

Need Pet sitters?

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