Caring for aquarium fish in an aquarium – 6 Top Tips

11 Aug, 2020

Caring for aquarium fish in an aquarium – 6 Top Tips

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If you are considering buying fish to keep at home whether they are aquarium fish or fish that can live in a bowl consider how they live. All pet owners know the importance of careful management of the environment of the pets, especially when you are away. Here are some top tips about what to consider when you or a housesitter is caring for your fish in an aquarium.

6 Things to Remember When Taking Care of Aquarium Fish

Understand the fish and their environmental needs

Fish are pets that can be a lot of fun to keep and befriend. If you are not a fan of larger pets, such as cats and dogs, then a fish may well be for you. Getting your first fish can be an awesome experience, and bringing them home for the first time can be a lot of fun. Not only are great fish pets, but they look cool too! Fish tanks are like your own personal art installation. You can decorate your tank with anything you desire and personalize it to your specific taste. For a first-time fish owner or a seasoned veteran, this guide will offer six things you must take into consideration and remember when you are taking care of fish inside an aquarium.

Look no further than here for a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your fish. Here are six things to remember!

House Appropriately

If, in the past, you have struggled to find a guide that explained how to properly take care of your fish, look no further than here. Hopefully, by the end of this page, you will be well-versed in fish-keeping and will never need to consult a guide again. You must house your fish appropriately. You must get a fish tank that caters to your specific breed of fish; fish require different tanks and different filtration systems depending on their breed. If you are going to be filling your tank with large, exotic fish, you may want to get a very large tank with a filtration system. 

Housing your fish appropriately is integral to their health and longevity of life. Bigger tanks will, obviously, cost more money, but if you want larger fish, this is something you will have to accept.

Cycle Your Tank

When buying a new tank, or changing your fish’s tank, you must first cycle it. Cycling your tank, for those who do not know, means bringing the water conditions up to the standard necessary to facilitate a healthy environment for your fish. Before you introduce fish into a tank, this is something that you must absolutely do. You can never put your fish into a new tank on the very same day of purchase. Cycling your tank will stimulate and promote the growth of organisms within the tank that will break down waste and chemicals and keep the water safe for your fish. This can take at least a week before it is safe to introduce your fish.

Water Parameters

Once you have cycled your tank, you must first use an API kit to test your water’s parameters, and long after you have introduced your fish, you must regularly check them. Ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites are naturally occurring chemicals that can build up in your tank during your fish’s lifespan. If they are allowed to build up to unhealthy levels, then it can pose a threat to the safety of your fish and potentially kill them.

Change the Water for Aquarium Fish

It is very important that you regularly change your fish tank water. Some recommend doing this every week, others every two weeks. Truthfully, it depends entirely on your filtration system. If you do not have a filtration system, then you will have to change the water every few days, whereas if you have a very powerful filtration system, then you may only need to do it once a month. It is important to check your water parameters, as aforementioned, to determine when water needs to be changed. When chemicals are allowed to build up, your fish’s life can be put in danger.

aquarium fish
Manage the aquarium carefully for the health of the fish


Before buying fish, or while you own a fish, you should research them extensively. Researching your fish allows you to become personally acquainted with your friend and to know about their lifespan, living habits, and things that could pose a danger to them. Researching your fish is essential. Some fish, for example, are not compatible with others, which means if you want to introduce a new fish into the tank, you must be sure that they are both able to live together and will not fight or kill one another. Research your fish extensively. It is imperative to your fish’s life.


It is very important that you are regularly clean and addresses algae build-up. You will need to limit the amount of light that your fish tank gets to around eleven hours a day, this way you can prevent algae build-up and will not have to be constantly cleaning out your tank.

A final word on keeping aquarium fish

Now you know six things to remember when looking after your fish. Fish are great pets that can provide companionship and be a lot of fun, so make sure you cherish them and give them the best quality of life that you can.



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