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middle aged back packers waking on sun dappled street
23 Apr, 2024

Sabbatical housesitting – 7 Top Tips

People come to housesitting at different times of life. Sabbatical housesitting becomes an opportunity many people consider at a mid point or later in their career. Read on to learn more about housesitting while on sabbatical and the sabbatical homes you could stay in. Sabbatical Housesitting and How to Get Started Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata What […]

Travel bucket list
19 Feb, 2024

I Crossed 9 Extraordinary Experiences Off My Travel Bucket List By House Sitting

Itchy-footed Kelly Hayes-Raitt has traveled to 79 countries, 23 by house sitting throughout Europe, SE Asia, Africa, and North America. Yet, her travel bucket list continues to grow… House Sitting Crossed 9 Items Off My Travel Bucket List! By Kelly Hayes-Raitt OK, I admit it: I sleep around. Usually with animals.* But that was only […]

London travel bargain
6 Aug, 2023

35 Best London Travel Bargains, Part I

Long-time house sitter Kelly Hayes-Raitt calls London her second home since she’s housesat there so many times. Here are some of her tips for enjoying the very best London travel bargains. By Kelly Hayes-Raitt This American’s first overseas house sit was for 6 weeks in London during the 2012 Olympics. It was love at first […]