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a man punting on the River Cam in Cambridge
23 May, 2024

Housesitting in Cambridge for Cats and Guinea Pigs

Every chance I get I escape the bounds of my office to become a housesitter, usually choosing a new location for the experience. Housesitting in Cambridge last week offered some fantastic delights that I was surprised and delighted by. Read on to learn more about my experience in Cambridgeshire petsitting for four cats and six […]

21 May, 2024

Decorating with Rugs – Our Top Tips

Whether you a homeowner or you are renting creating a home means decorating, choosing furniture, displaying personal artefacts. When decorating with rugs there are some really important factors to consider. Read our six top tips on how to use throw rugs and carpets to create a stylish and comforting home. Decorating with Rugs: 6 Top […]

large brown dog growling and bearing teeth
20 May, 2024

Dog Aggression: Top Tips and Treatments

As a pet owner, if your dog struggles with aggression it can be heart-wrenching. Many treatments exist yet some pet owners dealing with dog aggression are exploring alternative options like CBD (cannabidiol) to help manage their dog’s aggressive behavior. This article delves into how CBD for dog aggression can aid in reducing it, finding the […]