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troubleshoot a lawnmower
24 Aug, 2022

How to troubleshoot a lawnmower

Whether you’re a homeowner who tends their lawn and garden or a housesitter, tomato sitting for a week read this blog. In this article we offer you top tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot a lawnmower when your  lawn mower wont start. Read on to learn more. How to troubleshoot a lawnmower – Briggs […]

top garden tools
1 Jun, 2022

Top garden tools to maintain your property

Whatever the size and scale of your home if you have outdoor property then it needs maintenance. Like every property and homeowner you can either hire someone to maintain your property or learn about the top garden tools you need to help you manage your yard and garden efficiently. 6 Top garden tools to help […]

black piggy bank with coins
11 Oct, 2021

How to reduce energy bills to save money

Rising energy costs are a troubling fact of life the world over. As homeowners we feel it more than most with fuel costs rising incessantly. Learning how to reduce energy bills to save money and become more sustainable is becoming essential. Here are some top tips on how to start. Effective ideas on how to […]

home gardening ideas
9 Oct, 2021

Home gardening ideas – Artificial grass

Many of us with gardens at home enjoy the routines and seasonal chores. As homeowners and gardeners, however, there are some challenges we face regularly too. Managing lawns is a key challenge for gardeners. This is especially true when that green space is on a steep slope, in a dry patch or indeed a damp […]

home insulation
4 Oct, 2021

Home insulation – Home maintenance vitals

Home maintenance is a pivotal watchword for most homeowners.  As every house owner will tell you it takes effort and money to maintain a home whatever the weather locally. Home insultation is especially important if you live in a changeable climate and can save you money. Here are some great expert tips on what you […]

plans to travel
30 Sep, 2021

Plans to travel? Top tips to keep in mind

Whether you are a housesitter considering going further afield or an inveterate traveller lockdown has made us all dream. Travel is a great way to make memories. If your dreams have helped you make plans to travel then do some research before you set off. If you are considering how to plan a trip for […]

sustainable lifestyle at home
12 Sep, 2021

Sustainable lifestyle at home – The pro tips

We are all increasingly conscious of the need to create a sustainable lifestyle at home. But like many homeowners you may be thinking where do you start?  So we have prepared an article for you with some pro tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more. Pro Tips To Help You Live […]