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garage door winter ready
17 Nov, 2021

Get your garage door Winter ready – Top Tips

If you are a homeowner with an outdoor garage then you will know the challenges facing you as Winter approaches. Here are some top maintenance tips to help you get your garage door Winter ready, to ensure smooth operations through the colder seasons. Maintenance tips to get your garage door Winter ready The garage door […]

reliable dog sitter
10 Nov, 2021

How to choose a reliable dog sitter

Dog owners always worry about going away and leaving their beloved pets. Many pet owners find live in pet sitters to care for their pets in their own home. But how do you choose a reliable dog sitter? Here are some top tips on how to go about the process, what to look for and […]

cost of metal roofs
9 Nov, 2021

Cost of metal roofs – More or less than standard roofs?

If you own a property and have had to re construct your roof, you know the difficult decisions to make. If you have considered the cost of metal roofs versus more typical forms then you’ll know that this option is surprisingly efficient. As a homeowner you’ll no doubt need to consider the budget and durability. […]

home glass features
5 Nov, 2021

Home glass features – Where to use them

If you’re designing your new home, extension or refurbishment the chances are you’re thinking glass. Many homeowners today gravitate towards using home glass features to brighten their home, and give it a contemporary feel. Home glass features Where is glass used in a house? The natural beauty and brightness of glass have made it one […]