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11 May, 2024

Enjoy a Radical Sabbatical by House Sitting – 8 Ways Your Career Will Soar & 7 Things to Do Before Your Sabbatical

HouseSitMatch blog editor Kelly Hayes-Raitt shares her secrets for maximizing a sabbatical by house sitting. Enjoy a Radical Sabbatical by House Sitting – 8 Ways Your Career Will Soar & 7 Things to Do Before Your Sabbatical By Kelly Hayes-Raitt Most people at their mid-career mark feel they are at the top of their game […]

woman at a laptop with a cat next to her
9 May, 2024

5 Top Reasons to Join a Housesitting Platform as a Housesitter

If you are curious about housesitting and have considered becoming a housesitter, you might want to join a housesitting platform.  In this article we offer you the top five reasons to join a housesitting platform. By joining a community of housesitters and homeowners who all enjoy the practice of housesitting you learn from them, and […]

26 Mar, 2024

House Sitting in Africa? My Top 16 Considerations for Piercing this Incredible Continent

House sitting in Africa was not at the top of Kelly Hayes-Raitt’s travel bucket list when she started house sitting 15 years ago. But as she explored outer corners of the world, she realized she might be able to house sit her way across the continent! So far, she’s had 6 house sits in Africa […]

7 Mar, 2024

11 Important Considerations for Walking the Camino and House Sitting

Intrepid traveler and housesitter Tiera St Claire has been walking the Camino and house sitting in Spain more than a dozen times. Here, she shares her best tips. How I Began Walking the Camino and House Sitting By Tiera St Claire My interest in the Camino Santiago started percolating during 2004, when my husband of […]

London travel bargains
6 Aug, 2023

35 Best London Travel Bargains, Part II

London house sitter and culture vulture Kelly Hayes-Raitt shares her favorite London travel bargains while house sitting! By Kelly Hayes-Raitt In Part I of this blog, I described 12 of my favorite London travel bargains that I’ve experienced during my many house sitting assignments there.  Here, I expand on some of the London vacation ideas […]

17 May, 2022

House-Sitting and Sustainable Travel

If like us you love travel and experiencing new cultures and geographies read on to learn about sustainable travel. If like us you have missed travel during the recent pandemic because of global travel restrictions this may be a chance to refocus your travel ambitions. There are so many green travel options to consider today […]

plans to travel
30 Sep, 2021

Plans to travel? Top tips to keep in mind

Whether you are a housesitter considering going further afield or an inveterate traveller lockdown has made us all dream. Travel is a great way to make memories. If your dreams have helped you make plans to travel then do some research before you set off. If you are considering how to plan a trip for […]

essential garden tools
30 May, 2021

Essential garden tools – The garden hose reel

If you’re a homeowner with a garden, or manage a plot of land like an allotment you’ll have tools. The essential garden tools can be a personal list, however, there are few items that are really helpful. The garden hose reel can be overlooked, but living without it is literally a drag. Here are some […]