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29 Nov, 2021

Popular home design trends and their benefits

Every homeowner who appreciated design will have one eye on the latest home design trends. Some may even take it upon themselves to decorate and refurbish to update their home on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts on the most popular home design trends we can detect at the moment and their benefits. Popular […]

stunning bathroom upgrades
23 Nov, 2021

Stunning bathroom upgrades for a Winter at home

Every homeowner who longs to change their bathroom should read this blog. Here are some great ideas for how to make stunning bathroom upgrades to prepare for a Winter at home. Read on to learn more. Planning a stunning bathroom upgrade? Read on for some stunning ideas Aside from the kitchen and living room, the […]

student workspace at home
19 Nov, 2021

Create a student workspace at home – Here’s how

As your family grows so to do the demands on your home space. As the homeowner you want to adapt your living space to the needs of the inhabitants. It gets more complicated as children grow and become students studying at home. Here are some top tips on how to create a student workspace at […]

affordable DIY ideas
18 Nov, 2021

8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation

Every homeowner who lives in one property long enough needs to renovate and decorate. So it is really important to try and research economic ways of renovating, otherwise costs can spiral out of control. Here are 8 affordable DIY ideas to help you get started. 8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation  Photo by KJ […]

small bathroom
17 Nov, 2021

Small bathroom renovation – What will it cost?

Every homeowner wants to make adjustments, and some renovations. The costs can be significant so it is best to plan and manage your expenditure. Even a small bathroom will cost something to demolish and then renovate. Here are some top tips on how to calculate that cost of removing a small bathroom. How much does […]

15 Nov, 2021

Delight houseguests with guest room stylish details

As every homeowner knows the promise of visitors is a great stimulus to organise and decorate. And with the imminent arrival of guests comes the need to refresh the presentation at home, especially in the guest room.  Here are seven top tips on how to choose the stylish details to delight your house guests. 7 […]

luxury hom eessentials
15 Nov, 2021

Luxury home essentials that you need

When you become a homeowner it can be a dream finally realised to create your own living space. You can choose with your own colour of paint and household items and luxury home essentials. Everybody has different priorities to keep their family and pets safe and comfortable. Here are some ideas on the top luxury […]

home interior design trends
9 Nov, 2021

Home interior design trends to look out for

If you love your home and keeping the look and design fresh and current you’ll be on the look out for home interior design trends. Every homeowner does some decorating at some point while they live in their home, or maybe they specify a new look and get decorators. Read on to learn about the […]

make a better bathroom
6 Nov, 2021

Make a better bathroom – Upgrades and improvements

Bathrooms are critical spaces in a home. An experienced homeowner knows just how important, not only for everyday use but also for the resale value of the property. The need to make a better bathroom is ever present. In this article we give you some ideas for where to start to improve your bathroom spaces. […]

home glass features
5 Nov, 2021

Home glass features – Where to use them

If you’re designing your new home, extension or refurbishment the chances are you’re thinking glass. Many homeowners today gravitate towards using home glass features to brighten their home, and give it a contemporary feel. Home glass features Where is glass used in a house? The natural beauty and brightness of glass have made it one […]