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wallpaper for house wall
23 Sep, 2021

Wallpaper for house wall? Check out peel and stick paper

Are you a homeowner who likes to decorate your own home? Do you search for good solutions for wall coverings. Have you done a Google search like ‘wallpaper for house wall’? Then read on to learn more about peel and stick wallpaper, the easy to use wall covering that DIYers are applying to lots of […]

new home ideas
8 Sep, 2021

New home features you didn’t know you wanted

Every homeowner dreams of that fantasy property.  And while it is easy to think that this elusive fantasy home does not exist it doesn’t mean you can’t have elements of that ideal space. To truly encapsulate everything you dreamed about in your dreams, you’ll have to put in some work. Additions through renovations are how homeowners […]

convert a loft into a bedroom
24 Aug, 2021

Top Tips – How to convert a loft into a bedroom

Most people who own houses know that space comes at a premium. And like many homeowners if you are looking at every aspect of your property to find more living space look at the loft. You may even have considered how to convert a loft into a bedroom. Here are some top tips to help […]

house of your dreams
27 Jul, 2021

House of your dreams – What to consider

Every would be homeowner dreams of a certain kind of home and location. Each person’s dream is unique to them and their particular circumstances.  To help you realise the house of your dreams what are the major points you need to consider Planning the house of your dreams – What should you consider?   Most […]

make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy
8 Jul, 2021

Make a bedroom comfortable and cosy – Here’s how

As a homeowner there is nothing better than returning to a welcoming comfortable home after a hard day at work.  Even better is when your bedroom is exactly how you want it. Many people want to make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy. Here are some top tips to help you do just that. Design […]

choosing the right floor type
18 Jun, 2021

Choosing the right floor type to upgrade a room

From time to time it becomes essential to change the flooring of your home. You may be a new homeowner or an experienced property developer and want to renovate your property. Choosing the right floor type to refresh or upgrade a room can be a transformative investment. These top tips will help you make good […]

choosing flooring for home
9 Jun, 2021

Choosing flooring for home – Things to consider

On buying a property or when you are redecorating you may well find yourself choosing flooring for home in a rush. Take your time and think about all the permutations of use. In this article we offer homeowners an opportunity to reflect on the type of flooring they might consider and the frequency of updating […]

home kitchen renovation
5 Jun, 2021

Home kitchen renovation – Practical improvements

Does your kitchen need a revamp? You’re not alone. Every homeowner from time to time looks at their kitchen and thinks how can I improve this without spending much time or money. Well look no further. Here are some practical and inexpensive home kitchen renovation hacks to refresh the look of your kitchen. Home kitchen […]

renovating with stained concrete floors
1 Jun, 2021

Renovating with stained concrete floors – Read this article

If you are remodelling your home or place of business you may be looking at flooring options. As a homeowner renovating with stained concrete floors can be a really innovative and affordable way to bring design and insultation to your home. If you are running a business with heavy footfall an outdoor concrete stain floor […]