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23 Sep, 2022

Easy kitchen renovation – Mistakes to avoid

After sometime living in the same property every homeowner thinks about a new kitchen. While it can be a big project and is often the most complicated refurbishment in a home, there are ways to ensure an easy kitchen renovation happens. Read on to learn our top tips for what mistakes to avoid to ensure […]

find pet sitters
21 Sep, 2022

Find pet sitters for when you travel

For most pet owners the planning of a holiday or trip is exciting but brings mixed emotions. You have the excitement of going somewhere different, but the nerves about how to find pet sitters that you trust and will give you peace of mind. How to find pet sitters for when you travel Depending on […]

simple decorating tips
7 Sep, 2022

Simple home decorating tips – Furniture

Many homeowners find that over time their home becomes cluttered and feels slightly out dated. Here are some easy and simple home decorating tips to help you inject a fresh look and new style into your living areas by focusing on your furniture. Read on to learn more. Simple home decorating tips – Furniture arranging […]