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handy kitchen items
29 Mar, 2021

Handy kitchen items to have at home

Making a home is more than simply securing a warm and secure living space. Becoming a real homeowner is more about knowing exactly how to equip each room for comfort and convenience as well  as style. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to equip for efficiency and convenience. So here is a […]

best windows
2 Feb, 2021

Complete guide: Best windows to buy for an apartment

If you own an apartment and need to change the windows the choices you have can be bewildering. Take a moment to reflect on which options are the best windows for your particular apartment setting and aspect. Here is a complete guide to the best window options you have to choose from. A Complete Guide […]

17 Jan, 2021

Simple tips to help you find a home buyer fast

If you have bought and sold a home you will know the challenges of making and closing the sale. It can be a long process, fraught with challenges, especially in a competitive market. If you are a homeowner looking to sell your property here are some top tips to help you find a home buyer […]

13 Jan, 2021

When do you DIY or hire a skilled professional?

As any property owner knows the costs of property maintenance and repairs can soon add up. So most homeowners eventually find themselves building DIY or Do It Yourself skills to manage simple home repairs. There will come a time when you face a challenge that really seems too much and you think about hiring a […]

home safety
13 Jan, 2021

Safety at home – 7 Top tips to protect you and your family

If you have a home workshop and you love DIY in your home you’ll be aware of some of the dangers of leaving kit around. There are many more dangers to consider especially if you are a pet owner or have children running free around the home. Here are seven top tips  for safety at […]

feel at home
5 Jan, 2021

Keeping a warm home while saving money!

With Winter biting and exposing all the draughty corners of your house, you may regret procrastinating on that home maintenance list. As a homeowner you would normally have a long list that simply keeps growing. Here is a list of 8 easy ways to keep a warm home while saving money. 8 Ways to keep […]

new boiler
10 Dec, 2020

Need a new boiler? Qualities to look for

Owning a property brings certain maintenance challenges. Heating the property is essential for all homeowners living in the Northern hemisphere and elsewhere. Many of us rely on a traditional boiler system to keep our homes warm regardless of the weather and to heat our water. If you are looking for a new boiler read on, […]