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house sitter check list
7 Jun, 2018

House sitter check list – the ultimate guide

How would you prepare the ultimate house sitter check list to ensure peace of mind when you leave home? Here are some top tips on how to prepare the ultimate check list prepared by housesitters for home and petowners.  While home and petowners experienced in having petsitters at home will have established routines and approaches […]

Kennel alternative
25 May, 2018

The Affordable Alternative to Dog Kennels

Ever thought there might be a safe and good value alternative to dog kennels? Consider having a checked live-in house sitter, many are very experienced with dogs and cats, and will pet sit for you as an exchange of services for free accommodation. Here’s how and why… Kennel alternative – worth a consideration Plan pet care […]

30 Mar, 2018

Pet Memory Perles

A pet memory can provoke profound emotions. When pets pass over the rainbow bridge whether at a young age or in mature years their souvenirs are treasured. Photographs and family films all help us to remember the character and personality of the animal. Many of our members at HouseSitMatch tell us about pets we have […]

29 Dec, 2017

Petsitters & Business Travel: How to connect with Pets

If you travel a great deal for either work or leisure you may already be regular user of our petsitters and housesitting service. Anna Naylor from Maiden Voyage one of our partners, a social network that makes business travel safe and social for women, has given us some ideas in this blog about how to […]

Cocker Spaniel sitting on grass
13 Dec, 2017

Marlow petsitters keep the neighbourhood and pets safe

The search for Marlow petsitters, or housesitters anywhere, is something we can help you with. From time to time we interview our members to better understand how they found us and how we help them. Recently, Martin told us about why he decided to look for Marlow petsitters. A spate of burglaries in this Thames […]

5 Dec, 2017

2017 Housesitting Blog Competition FINALIST 5

Housesitting Blog Competition FINALIST 5 Each year HouseSitMatch hosts a Blog Competition and this year our entries are better than ever, here we share with you the Housesitting Blog Competition Finalist 5 Entry. Bragi Jonsson an Icelandic security guard and shepherd has travelled across the world by housesitting, protecting property and pets wherever he is […]

Harrogate housesitting
28 Sep, 2017

Harrogate housesitting for an Akita

When experienced housesitters Mike and Diane aka Travelloafers chose to apply for a Harrogate housesitting assignment on HouseSitMatch describing a resident ‘large dog’ that they’d be required to care for, they had no idea the fun that was in store for them. Read their blog to find out what happened when they met Rex!  HOUSESITTING […]

Character home - homeowner top tips for housesitting
20 Sep, 2017

Homeowners Housesitting – Top 10 Tips – Preparing an Empty Home

  For homeowners housesitting and petsitting can provide an excellent safe guard, especially for an empty property that is vacant for a period of time. In some cases this is unavoidable but creates a risky situation with opportunities for burglary and vandals with no guard in place. Housesitters can offer a solution to prevent any […]