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11 Apr, 2024

Why Housesit? How Will I Benefit?

Whatever your reason for asking the question ‘Why housesit’ and even approaching the idea of housesitting read this article. In this piece we offer a large variety of great reasons that our housesitters have given us over the years about why they choose to housesit again and again. Why housesit? What are the advantages for […]

26 Mar, 2024

House Sitting in Africa? My Top 16 Considerations for Piercing this Incredible Continent

House sitting in Africa was not at the top of Kelly Hayes-Raitt’s travel bucket list when she started house sitting 15 years ago. But as she explored outer corners of the world, she realized she might be able to house sit her way across the continent! So far, she’s had 6 house sits in Africa […]

house at night in a snowy scene
21 Mar, 2024

Winter Readiness for House sitters – Top Checklist

Around the Northern hemisphere homeowners worry about the cold weather. Snowbirds invite housesitters in, and so Winter readiness for house sitters is really important. Here is our top checklist for you to ensure your home is ready for your housesitting guests. Winter Readiness for House Sitters: A Checklist for Spotting Window Vulnerabilities Photo by Todd […]

7 Mar, 2024

11 Important Considerations for Walking the Camino and House Sitting

Intrepid traveler and housesitter Tiera St Claire has been walking the Camino and house sitting in Spain more than a dozen times. Here, she shares her best tips. How I Began Walking the Camino and House Sitting By Tiera St Claire My interest in the Camino Santiago started percolating during 2004, when my husband of […]

Travel bucket list
19 Feb, 2024

I Crossed 9 Extraordinary Experiences Off My Travel Bucket List By House Sitting

Itchy-footed Kelly Hayes-Raitt has traveled to 79 countries, 23 by house sitting throughout Europe, SE Asia, Africa, and North America. Yet, her travel bucket list continues to grow… House Sitting Crossed 9 Items Off My Travel Bucket List! By Kelly Hayes-Raitt OK, I admit it: I sleep around. Usually with animals.* But that was only […]

My own writing retreat!
30 Jan, 2024

Create a Free Writing Retreat: 9 Ways House Sitting Helps!

Recognized journalist and award-winning writer Kelly Hayes-Raitt shares her secrets for creating the perfect writing retreat that inspires her and earns her unexpected income. As a housesitter she has found inspiration and stimulation from many countries that she has visited and a wide variety of home environments where she has housesat and cared for pets. […]