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Travel bucket list
19 Feb, 2024

I Crossed 9 Extraordinary Experiences Off My Travel Bucket List By House Sitting

Itchy-footed Kelly Hayes-Raitt has traveled to 79 countries, 23 by house sitting throughout Europe, SE Asia, Africa, and North America. Yet, her travel bucket list continues to grow… House Sitting Crossed 9 Items Off My Travel Bucket List! By Kelly Hayes-Raitt OK, I admit it: I sleep around. Usually with animals.* But that was only […]

My own writing retreat!
30 Jan, 2024

Create a Free Writing Retreat: 9 Ways House Sitting Helps!

Recognized journalist and award-winning writer Kelly Hayes-Raitt shares her secrets for creating the perfect writing retreat that inspires her and earns her unexpected income. As a housesitter she has found inspiration and stimulation from many countries that she has visited and a wide variety of home environments where she has housesat and cared for pets. […]

house sitting on the Gold Coast
15 Dec, 2023

10 Awesome Tips for House Sitters on the Gold Coast

Native Australian Jill Shelton (with her partner Gavin Merritt) shares her top tips as house sitters on the Gold Coast of Australia. Read on to learn more about their house and pet sitting adventures on the Gold Coast on the HouseSitMatch blog. 10 Tips for House Sitters on the Gold Coast By Jill Shelton Having […]

8 Dec, 2023

9 Fun Things To Do While House Sitting in Toulouse

Kelly Hayes-Raitt has spent the past 13 holiday seasons house sitting in different cultures. Here are her favorite things to do while house sitting in Toulouse at Christmas. 9 Fun Things To Do While House Sitting in Toulouse By Kelly Hayes-Raitt The holidays can be a lonely time for house sitters who are far from […]

30 Nov, 2023

House-sitting in England Makes Peak Season Affordable!

Summer is the most expensive time to visit the UK. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my family could afford to travel throughout England for more than a month during peak season! But, we did because of house sitting. We arrived the Last week in May to start house sitting in England, the beginning […]