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a man punting on the River Cam in Cambridge
23 May, 2024

Housesitting in Cambridge for Cats and Guinea Pigs

Every chance I get I escape the bounds of my office to become a housesitter, usually choosing a new location for the experience. Housesitting in Cambridge last week offered some fantastic delights that I was surprised and delighted by. Read on to learn more about my experience in Cambridgeshire petsitting for four cats and six […]

spiral staircase at Tate Britain one of the free museums in London
15 May, 2024

The Best Free Museums in London and My Favourites

One of our regular HouseSit Match international housesitters Tiera St Claire shares some of the best free museums in London and several of her favourite paid for museums too. Tiera is a regular visitor to the capital and delights in the great and free access the city offers to museums and places of culture to […]

sea view beyond rooftops of Greek island homes
14 May, 2024

Experience Europe Like a Local by Housesitting

As a would be traveller into affordable travel you might be considering ways to experience Europe like a local. Housesitters all over the world have discovered this wonderful secret of exchanging their services as pet and house minders in exchange for free accommodation in a home. It’s a win win! Read on to learn more […]

7 Mar, 2024

11 Important Considerations for Walking the Camino and House Sitting

Intrepid traveler and housesitter Tiera St Claire has been walking the Camino and house sitting in Spain more than a dozen times. Here, she shares her best tips. How I Began Walking the Camino and House Sitting By Tiera St Claire My interest in the Camino Santiago started percolating during 2004, when my husband of […]

30 Nov, 2023

House-sitting in England Makes Peak Season Affordable!

Summer is the most expensive time to visit the UK. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my family could afford to travel throughout England for more than a month during peak season! But, we did because of house sitting. We arrived the Last week in May to start house sitting in England, the beginning […]