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housesitting Ile de France
14 Sep, 2016

Housesitting Ile de France and losing myself in the country

It’s long been an ambition of mine to find the right housesitting opportunity and lose myself in the French countryside. This September I escaped home obligations for a short while and tried housesitting Ile de France.  This peaceful rich agricultural landscape is in the heart of the Brie and Champagne region of North Central France. A […]

House-sitting in Paris
6 May, 2014

Top Tips for House-Sitting in Paris

House-sitting in Paris – Top Tips An opportunity came up for house-sitting in Paris, so I dug up one of my favourite books. I have in front of me a a curling paperback edition of an old Paris guidebook, and even though it is pretty old (1986!) I still hold onto it and dip into […]

8 Mar, 2014

Personal experience house-sitting in Paris!

House-sitting in Paris Not so long ago some friends in Paris asked us to do a spot of house-sitting in Paris while they were in Spain for five weeks, July through August. A tough challenge I grant you, but we agreed to step up to the plate – these are long standing friends you understand. […]