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cats are more active at night as per this cat engaged and looking out of a window in early evening
26 Jun, 2024

Why Cats are More Active at Twilight – Top Reasons

Pet owners around the world monitor their animals behaviour and often realise certain habits. The evidence that cats are more active at twilight certainly exists and is frequently reported to us. But what are the top reasons why cats become more lively and engaged as the light fades in the evening? Read on to learn […]

Dog walker walking three dogs on a lead
29 Dec, 2023

Top tips for successful pet minding

The questions we are asked most frequently by new homeowner members of Housesit Match is ‘will housesitters mind pet minding my pets’ and ‘how much does it cost? Well the answer is yes they love pets and would be happy to care for them as your pet sitters and it wont cost anything after you’ve […]