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13 Jan, 2021

When do you DIY or hire a skilled professional?

As any property owner knows the costs of property maintenance and repairs can soon add up. So most homeowners eventually find themselves building DIY or Do It Yourself skills to manage simple home repairs. There will come a time when you face a challenge that really seems too much and you think about hiring a […]

home safety
13 Jan, 2021

Safety at home – 7 Top tips to protect you and your family

If you have a home workshop and you love DIY in your home you’ll be aware of some of the dangers of leaving kit around. There are many more dangers to consider especially if you are a pet owner or have children running free around the home. Here are seven top tips  for safety at […]

sell your property
11 Jan, 2021

Pets can help you sell your property – Here’s how

As a pet owner you may be surprised to learn that your pets can help you to sell your property. Usually people consider pets a liability when it comes to a home property. There is more cleaning required and sometimes more maintenance. However, if you just follow these simple suggestions below you’ll see how easy […]

foundation repair
8 Jan, 2021

Home maintenance: Building foundation repair work

Owning a building makes you responsible for the maintenance. You know as a homeowner that some items are easy to monitor and fix yourself. Others are more difficult and need a professional assessment and treatment. The foundations of a building can actually threaten the condition and therefore the investment for your entire home. That’s why […]