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a house in winter snow at dusk
30 Oct, 2023

Thermal insulation: The Top benefits

When it comes to constructing or renovating a building, the importance of thermal insulation cannot be overstated. As every homeowner in the Northern hemisphere will attest it is the unsung hero that keeps our spaces warm during the chilly winters and pleasantly cool in the summer heat. Exploring benefits of Thermal Insulation – Comfort to […]

a large home with modern acoustic glazing fitted
30 Oct, 2023

Acoustic glazing: Discover the top benefits

Nestled within our homes, we as homeowners often seek a sanctuary away from the cacophony of the outside world. Consider acoustic Glazing. The desire for peace and tranquillity is universal, yet often elusive. Enter acoustic glass and soundproof windows – modern solutions promising a serene living environment. Embrace Quiet: The Power of Acoustic Glazing In […]

bathroom with a home tile selection that includes marble
30 Oct, 2023

Mastering home tile selection and installation

If you are planning a renovation, stop worrying about your home tile selection and installation uncover the journey from choosing tiles to their perfect installation. Homeowners tend to get stressed about details like this when embarking on a home renovation. Read on to learn our top tips. Home tile selection: From Selection to Installation in London […]

house sit for free
26 Oct, 2023

Why I House Sit for Free — 8 Sitters Tell Their Stories

HouseSit Match’s philosophy is based on mutual collaboration between sitters and pet owners. It is one of the house sitting websites that offers a variety of house and pet sitting assignments for housesitters and petsitters who exchange their services for free accommodation. In this article, 8 HouseSit Match members describe why they house sit for […]

House sitting in Lisbon
20 Oct, 2023

19 Practical Tips for Successfully House Sitting in Lisbon

Recent American immigrant to Portugal Kelly Hayes-Raitt shares her tips for house sitting in Lisbon as a way to explore her new home town. 19 Practical Tips for Successfully House Sitting in Lisbon By Kelly Hayes-Raitt 18 months ago, I moved to Lisbon! I had an unfurnished flat, an air mattress, a cork screw and […]