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grey bathroom decor
26 May, 2024

7 Key Factors For Renovating a Bathroom

Homeownership comes built in routines and responsibilities. Many homeowners consider renovating a bathroom at some point during their ownership. Before you plan a bathroom remodel read on to learn our seven key factors to be fully prepared when you final start to refurbish your bathroom. 7 Key Factors For Renovating a Bathroom Photo by shadowfirearts […]

a man punting on the River Cam in Cambridge
23 May, 2024

Housesitting in Cambridge for Cats and Guinea Pigs

Every chance I get I escape the bounds of my office to become a housesitter, usually choosing a new location for the experience. Housesitting in Cambridge last week offered some fantastic delights that I was surprised and delighted by. Read on to learn more about my experience in Cambridgeshire petsitting for four cats and six […]