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Pet travel
14 Jul, 2016

Pet travel – HouseSitMatch Vet’s 3 Top Tips

Our HouseSitMatch Veterinary consultant Dr Matthew Bayliss BVSc MRCVS helps us to understand current advice for pet travel from and into the UK. Let’s face it, even through we may prefer to have housesitters pet-sitting in our home taking care of our pets while we are away, sometimes you just have to take your pets […]

Vets tips on rabbits, vets advice on rabbits, vets advice for housesitters
29 Sep, 2013

Vet Matthew Bayliss: Tips for House-Sitters on Rabbit care

Tips for When House-Sitting for Bunnies and Small Furry Animals As we all know, food is a big part of life – this has never been more the case than with bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small furry animals. In the short term, if they don’t have enough of the correct food (or no food […]

cat eating, vets advice for cat owners, vets advice for cat sitters
8 Jun, 2013

Vet Matthew Bayliss: Says Relax Cat, It’s Only a Cat-sitter!

It’s only a cat-sitter! Our Vet Matthew Bayliss offers Vet’s tips and best practice guidelines for a cat-sitter and other house-sitters caring for a home with resident cats, and suggests safety issues to consider in cat care: – As I mentioned in my previous post, both cats and dogs are creatures of habit – and […]