Catsitters Tale by homeowner Teresa

5 Apr, 2017

Catsitters Tale by homeowner Teresa

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Catsitters provide a critical service to many of our homeowners. One homeowner in particular, finds finding cat-sitters through HouseSitMatch an invaluable service. Homeowner Teresa lives in Spain and loves and rescues cats, consequently, she regularly needs catsitters for pet-sitting to help her care for her own pets and the cats she has rescued herself. She has long been a lover of cats and kittens with a tender heart for all cats in sanctuaries and the many more she has rescued from the streets of Southern Spain where she now lives. Read Teresa’s story and learn about her endeavours to rescue and re-home cats in Spain.

TeresaKrelle BEACH Orihuela SPAIN withsun umbrellas - BLUE
The beach near us at Orihuela in Spain

Living full time in Spain

I have always loved Spain, and first came here to find a holiday home. We bought our home 15 years ago and would visit for sunny breaks and holidays every few months. My mother moved in to live with us when she fell ill, that’s when we decided to bring her out here and live in Spain full time.  She enjoyed her last few years living in Orihuela with us, it is a wonderful region of Spain with so much to offer.

Catsitters and my love of cats

I love cats, I love how they move, how they act and how beautiful they are. For more than 25 years now I have cared for and rescued cats. It feels like they have always been part of my life. the five I have at the moment I first adopted when I lived in the UK, two from a sanctuary then took in two more found on the road that were strays.

The fifth one SnowFlake I rescued from a family who had kept her in a garage. She is allowed to roam all over my home and garden, we’ve given her a new life.  All six cats came with me on the same flight the day we moved to Spain.

Snowflake at home in Spain
Snowflake at home in Spain


Our wonderful location is ideal for catsitters who come to stay

When looking for our home in Spain we wanted a convenient location close to an airport. In the end, I chose to live in Orihuela in our current location because the area is only 15 minutes from Murcia airport and 45 minutes from Alicante.  There is so much to see and do in the area there is something to appeal to most of our visitors. We have shops, bars and restaurants all within walking distance. And there are some lovely beaches only five minutes away by car.

There are three World Class golf courses within l0 minutes by car all well known- i.e. Campomoar, Las Ramblas and Villa Martin.  Other areas of interest include Alicante Castle, Murcia Cathedral, Granada where you can go skiing in the Winter.

Our home is a haven for us and a sanctuary for our cats

Catsitters TeresaKrelle Orihuela SPAIN Marmalade Cat on pink chair
Relaxed rescued cat at home

We keep our home simply and tastefully decorated to create an air of calm and peace for us and our cats. We have Buddas, lights and candles positioned all around the house and garden to help us maintain our sense of calm and serenity.  It’s important for us and for the cats.

TeresaKrelle Orihuela SPAIN Vertical Stone Flower pot - crop
A serene and peaceful garden – catsitters haven

Since I retired and moved to live in Spain I started to work with cats and dogs at San Miguel animal sanctuary, in the Finca la Castellana. I’ve been helping them for some three years now, and I specialise in cats as I seem to bond easily with them.  I help rescue them and rehome them to Spain and the UK.

At present, I am helping with a couple of cats that were abandoned. These two rescued feline Mums will go to the sanctuary, they are both about to have kittens so they will be safe at the animal shelter and their kittens will be fed and looked after. Later we’ll find new homes for them all. and when the time is right the Mums will be spayed.

There are so many cats and dogs abandoned here in Southern Spain. We see them everywhere on the streets, in the campo and even sometimes on the beaches. It can be heartbreaking when you see them starving living a rough life on the street. I feed a colony of strays down the road from my house on a daily basis.

Before retiring I ran a successful business so I appreciate good ideas

My main business is Formula l Motor Racing event tickets, selling viewing tickets for all the Grand Prix events worldwide. We have specialised in this business for some 20 years. Now I am retired I can afford to spend time helping out in rescuing abandoned pets, and generating donations for both rescued dogs and cats.

Our business also sells football tickets, and secures tickets for all sporting events as well as tickets for concert and theatre.  My life involves travel abroad, however, for the last year I have been a little restricted as I had a very sick cat that needed 24 hour care. He has sadly passed away now, but this means I can travel again with a clear conscience.

Now, luckily, I have found which has allowed me to book some trips abroad for both business and pleasure and the last girls I had here for pet-sitting were amazing.  I was 100 percent happy with the service they provided and would use them again for sure. If catsitters are keen to come to Spain I would love to hear from them. We travel regularly now and are always looking for sitters to help us care for our home and pets.  There is so much to see in our local region. You can easily reach cities like Valencia. It is a lovely city to visit with lots of culture, good restaurants and offers many site-seeing trips all achievable within the day.

TeresKrelle Yoga on the Beach Orihuela SPAIN
Yoga on the beach – one of the many activities available

Spain is a beautiful country and the restaurants local to us are very good.  It would be best to hire a car to get around the region if you are keen to see as much as you can, but if you just want a relaxing holiday then you can use the pool or sit in our peaceful garden. I have three terraces and a large garden with Jacuzzi to relax in.  My cats are easy to look after and I stock up on food and drinks so guests can help themselves.

The gym is not far ten minutes in a car or there is the beautiful beaches for swimming and yoga on a Sunday am in Mil Palmeras.  There is music on the beaches in high season but also beach parties on most Fridays all through the year.  Sounds like fun? I am always looking for catsitters. Please get in touch.

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I am semi-retired and living in the beach side town of Orihuela in Spain, with a number of rescue cats. Orihuela is a lively sunny place which I am sure you'll enjoy.

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