Check the dog parks for a dog friendly city

24 Jul, 2020

Check the dog parks for a dog friendly city

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If you are a pet owner and you are looking to move house with your dog check your new location for parks. More importantly check the new neighbourhood for dog friendly parks, because there is a difference. Some cities are better organise than others with a dog park in every neighbourhood. Dallas is a great city for dogs, and here are some of the major dog friendly parks.

5 Dog Parks to Enjoy in Dallas

dog park
Dogs love to run around in a park

If you’re a dog owner thinking about buying one of the Dallas houses for sale, you might want to make that move.

According to Yelp, Dallas is one of the top 10 dog-friendliest cities in the entire country. Not only are there restaurants that allow you to bring your four-legged friend along, but the city is also home to lots of dog parks where Fido or Fluffy can play, including these.

Of course, dogs can have a lot of fun running around, playing with other dogs, or just taking in the sights and smells of nature in parks. But parks with dog playground equipment are game changers.

They not only promote exercise for dogs but also help develop your pet’s skills through the use of different equipment. Show your furry friends how much you love them with a trip to the park where they can run and play to their heart’s content.

Even if they do not want anything to do with the equipment at first, don’t worry! If you take them there often enough, they will eventually get used to the new playground and feel comfortable there.

White Rock Lake Dog Park

The perfect spot to bring your canine friend on a warm day, picturesque White Rock Lake not only offers a great place to splash around in the water, to walk around the shoreline, vast open spaces for playing Frisbee, plenty of shade when the sun gets too intense and chairs where you can sit and relax.

The off-leash dog park area sits on the northwest side of the three-acre park, offering scenic views of the lake and wildflower-filled areas in the spring.


A favorite among many dog lovers in Dallas is NorthBark Dog Park, It has over 22-acres off-leash dog park areas with five fenced-in acres. Located in North Dallas near the President George Bush North Dallas tollways, it’s a canine paradise that has its own unique dog beach next to a man-made lake.

The lake slopes in gently so pooches can enjoy flopping around in shallower bordering areas or chase floating tennis balls. There are separate areas for big and small dogs, open space for running around, a dog shower, water stations for pooches and their human companions, and a six-foot-wide loop trail.

With so much space and so much to do, dogs have little time for getting into scuffles, all they’re focused on is the fun.

Some parks have great spaces where dogs can run off leash

Wagging Tail Dog Park

 The first park designed for canines by the city, Wagging Tail includes nearly seven acres of off-leash space. It also provides separate areas for small and large dogs. Located northwest of Preston Road, it’s clean, well-maintained, and includes drinking fountains for canines and their human companions.

There are trails for walking and designated areas with shade. What is more there is a magnificent view of a waterfall from a flagstone observation deck that overlooks White Rock Creek. There’s also an adjacent picnic and BBQ area for relaxing afterwards.

Some parks offer separate designated areas for small & large dogs

Meadows Foundation Dog Park

A locals’ favorite, this pretty park is surrounded by a picket fence. It is a space where big and little dogs mingle on a grassy field. The planners also provided benches and trees aplenty for shade. If you visit on a regular basis, it’s a good place to meet friendly people and their dogs.

You need to bring your own water. And be aware that tiny dogs who don’t respond to calling may be able to escape.

My Best Friend’s Park at Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren is a scenic downtown urban park. It covers over five acres and offers a wide range of activities and attractions. These include spaces for public art, lots of benches, grassy areas, a putting green, children’s park. It also includes My Best Friend’s Park, an off-leash designated dog zone.

Both you and your furry friend will have a good time here. If Fido gets too hot running off some steam, there are water features for cooling off too.



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