Chic bedroom renovation – Practical solutions

26 Jul, 2022

Chic bedroom renovation – Practical solutions

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If you are planning a redecoration of your home you’ll likely start with the public spaces. However, a bedroom renovation can be very rewarding and satisfying and perhaps more affordable.

Many homeowners find enormous satisfaction and feel a significant return on investment when they redesign and renovate their bedroom specifying ample storage and create a chic look to the décor. Read on to learn more.

Make your bedroom renovation chic and practical

bedroom renovation
Integrate a chic wardrobe as part of  your bedroom renovation

There are many ways to create a chic look that is practical for your bedroom. Choosing contemporary colours and materials for a modern and stylish look and feel can help you achieve a style. use reflective materials for a light and airy look in the bedroom.

Choose a colour scheme for your bedroom

A neutral colour palette can create a fresh and light ambiance that lends itself to a chic modern look. If you are buying furniture to complete your renovation try to synchronise all the bedroom suite elements so they look like they belong.

They don’t have to be identical in style but they should look like they reflect your chic vision for the décor.

If you prefer a stronger colour palette then be consistent to create a sense of intent and chic in your style.

bedroom renovation
Keeping a consistent look and feel creates a strong theme in the room

Wardrobes for excellent storage

If you have an opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe and storage facilities then consider a fresh new look. Consider buying a sliding door bedroom wardrobe. They have a modern look and save so much space in a bedroom.

Choose from the various bedroom storage solutions. Some  have smooth sliding doors, some have plain coloured doors others have mirrored wardrobe doors. What is more you can synchronise the colour of the wardrobe with your bedroom colour palette.

Take measurements before your bedroom renovation

Measure your bedroom space to find the ideal space and size of your new wardrobe. It might be better to get a large wardrobe to replace a number of your storage units.

There are mirrored door wardrobes that reflect light and can look very sleek and stylish in your freshly decorated bedroom. You can also choose wardrobes that have insides adapted to store clothes, shoes and a range of accessories.

Some wardrobe structures are large enough to create easy storage for a number of larger items including suitcases. the dedicated space keeps them easily within reach and yet tucked out of the way and out of sight, dust free.

With a larger more capacious wardrobe that takes space vertically you can release the space from a number of different storage units in the room.

Focus on the bed cover and dressing

bedroom renovation
You can make a striking visual statement if you make the bed the focal point of the room

In most bedrooms the visitor’s eye is often drawn to the bed. This is usually the centre piece of most bedrooms, even guest rooms. If you follow the latest trends as featured in Vogue Interiors you will know that the bedding you choose and feature in your own bedroom can make a strong statement about your personality.

By choosing a significant bedhead and bed spread that anchors your style for the room you have an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your room. Updating these elements adds to the bedroom renovation.

bedroom renovation
Choosing the right accessories to accentuate the style you have chosen adds to that feeling of chic

Theme décor and decorative accents

Choosing a colour palette that is relaxing and restful is often the best approach for a bedroom renovation.

However, even if you choose the calmest of neutrals to decorate your walls and layer the linens you should still consider ways to accent your room. Add colour and personal items to accent and reflect your personality. Of  all your rooms the bedroom should be personal after all.

Your  bedroom renovation in summary

Whatever style and theme you decide on for your bedroom renovation, there are some key elements to remember.  Consider your colour palette and the consistency of your theme.

Next remember to choose your linen and bed dressing carefully, it can make a wonderful impression and create the look you want. Storage and wardrobes are vital to get right. They take space and create space by ensuring you optimise your use of floor space in the room.

Then finally consider the overall theme for your bedroom renovation, and decide on the accents in the room that will personalise it for you. Remember the bedroom reflects your personality. Enjoy the renovation and the end result!


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