Children reading books – Should we enforce or encourage?

31 Mar, 2020

Children reading books – Should we enforce or encourage?

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There are so many advantages to children reading as young as possible. They gain a vital skill that they can use throughout their life. Reading helps them mature more quickly intellectually and many believe it accelerates their thinking and processing skills. If you are housesitters travelling with young children home schooling will be central to your daily life. Here is a blog that looks at reading for children from all aspects and attributes.

children reading
Encourage children to find fun in reading

Should children read books?

When discussing children, many parents obsess with ensuring their progeny acquire a dazzling array of skills and competencies. While some parents want their kid to become a top-notch vocal or musical talents, others might look to the direction of sports and athletic activities. Reading, however. seems to be one of the most underestimated skills. Yet it should be highlighted as top priority for every child

Not only reading is a skill that is required in school, but it is also a process that is a must to ensure proper learning and further social development. Since the world is becoming digitalized and such that goes through gamification, we are here to remind you about the importance of reading books for children. Stay tuned.

Books offer a lifetime access to new skills and enrichment

Why is reading important for children?

Reading is a vital skill that is required for any child to succeed and to negotiate the simplest of tasks. This will matter regardless of its plans, talents, ambitions, or intentions. There is a no more important activity for preparing children for further life than reading, it encompasses a wide range of positive attributes in a child’s development.

Since there are countless approaches to encourage reading among children as well as instil a joy from this process, parents should not neglect this part of growing and maturing. Not only is it logical that it is a must for further education, but also countless studies have revealed why kids should read books to develop as personalities.

It allows a kid to:

  • develop language skills
  • exercise a brain
  • improve concentration
  • develop a taste
  • boost creativity
  • entertain
  • develop a thirst for knowledge

For more explanations than prove why reading is important, don’t forget to take a look at the following reasons for a kid to read books that are backed-up by valid research articles.

Reason 1: Language skills

Some parents think that by talking to children daily, the vocabulary can skyrocket over time. The problem is that most parents forget that this vocabulary is limited and repetitive, meaning that extra activities might be needed for a child to get to know with other ways of expressing one’s opinion. By reading more, any kid can develop fluency not only in the mother tongue but in other languages, which makes it such a top-notch priority for one’s maturing.

Reason 2: Brain exercise

Except for a few apparent impacts on one’s language skills, reading also encompasses numerous parts of the brain while learning how to read. That means that such brain exercises promote further development and learning. The good news is that any kid can write an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird after reading this book, eventually showing progress in brain capacities over time.

Reason 3: Concentration

This reason why it is such a critical skill for any kid is especially important for toddlers. Even though they seem to be active all the time, reading a book is one of those activities that help a child to concentrate for longer times. This skill would be instrumental in further schooling as well as a wide range of real-life situations where concentration and focus are crucial.

Reading is an essential skill

Reason 4: Learning how to write

Some consider the link between reading and writing and a child’s development to be inconclusive. However, credible research proves that there is a strong correlation. By getting to know how authors formulate their thoughts, express themselves, and develop storytelling techniques, children will develop written expertise. It might further be needed to write countless To Kill a Mockingbird essays or even craft a top-notch Kill a Mockingbird essay at the age of six! Such a skill definitely allows a kid to develop in various spheres of life.

Reason 5: Develop a taste for reading certain books

This reason might be a bit subjective, yet its role is hugely important for one’s growth and maturity. By reading dozens of books in various genres and subjects of interest, children will realize what interests them the most. By writing an essay on a modern classic like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ for instance, they explore their ideas  and interests from early on.

Developing a taste for literary expertise also means that a child can distinguish between arguments. Comparing their ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ essay examples with other ideas argued with good style, and tone will help them discern different approaches. Though it might be tough to convince your child that this is a good idea just now, they will benefit in the long run.

Books are an excellent resource at any time in one’s life

Ways to encourage a child to read books

With countless reasons to explain why reading is so crucial for all children, we could talk about these forever. Instead, we would like to highlight the most useful approaches to encourage a child to read books, namely:

  1. Make them accessible. When it is relatively easy to grab a book and read it, any child will do that just of curiosity. By making books available for children, parents can do a favor to their kids, alongside encouraging them to read more.
  2. Be an example. It is generally true that children develop and mature depending on the environment where they live. That means parents can encourage reading just by being interested in books by themselves. Don’t forget to do so while being in the same room with your children. Set a good example and be their role model.
  3. Make reading entertaining. Alright, forget about those dull voices and monotonous reading. It’s the high time to entertain your kid by making narratives sound exciting, distinctive from each other, and intriguing. It is fun, remember about that!

By implementing one or more of these approaches, any child would certainly become curious about reading. They can then spend more time with books than ever before. We hope that these recommendations will help to engage your child in reading and books. As explained earlier, it is an essential skill that offers a life time’s worth of free entertainment.



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