Choose the best doors for home

10 Oct, 2023

Choose the best doors for home

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How do you choose the best doors for your home? Most homeowners don’t give this a second thought until one day a new door becomes a pressing need, then you need to research. So do you choose a composite door or a uPVC door? Read on to learn which might be the best door for your particular home and location.

Composite Doors vs. uPVC Doors: Which One is Right for Your Home?

the best doors for a cottage need to be weather proof
Choosing an external door will have different ramifications to choosing an internal door.

Composite Doors: The Ultimate Blend of Strength and Elegance

Choosing the best doors for your home is a crucial decision. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal but also impacts security, insulation, and durability. Two popular options on the market are composite doors and uPVC doors.

In this article, we will delve into the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of both, aiming to assist you in making an informed choice for your home.

What are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are constructed using a combination of materials such as wood, PVC, insulating foam, and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)—this amalgamation of materials results in a door that offers exceptional strength, durability, and energy efficiency.

Advantages of Composite Doors

Superior Strength 

The blend of materials in composite doors makes them incredibly robust, providing an extra layer of security to your home. Composite doors take the best strength benefits from the range of different materials used to make them, meaning they are one of the strongest front door choices on the market.

When considering which might be the best doors for you consider the strength of the materials in composite doors.  They also aren’t prone to degradation very easily, so they will keep these advantages for years to come, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.


Aesthetic Appeal

They come in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes, allowing you to choose new doors that complement the overall look of your home.

A new composite front door is said to add a significant amount of value to any property, not only due to the functional benefits it has but also the great style and elegance it offers.

Choosing the best doors can help to ensure curb appeal, security and weather protection for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The insulating foam core helps in retaining heat, making your home more energy-efficient and reducing heating bills.

This also means despite the high initial cost of composite doors, they can actually help you save money in the long run and so prove to be the best doors for you home. Their ability to retain heat and keep draughts out means you won’t have to use as much energy and heating, helping you to save money on your bills.

Low Maintenance

Composite doors require minimal upkeep, as they are resistant to warping, rotting, and fading.

This means you won’t have to constantly repair them to be more efficient like you might have to with other, more traditional front doors. Composite doors only require a cloth, some hot water and soap/detergent to keep them looking the best they can.

What are uPVC Doors?

uPVC doors are made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a versatile and durable material that is commonly used in construction.

a front door set back into a recess
Choosing the best doors for the outside of your home will depend on how protected the surface will be from the weather

Advantages of uPVC Doors


uPVC doors are generally more budget-friendly compared to composite doors, making them an attractive option for homeowners on a tighter budget.

However, over time, uPVC doors are prone to warping and swelling, meaning that they will be misshapen and not have as effective insulation and may struggle to keep draughts out.

This also means that uPVC will likely need to be repaired or replaced much more often than a composite door would, likely costing you more in the long term.

Low Maintenance

They are easy to clean and do not require regular painting or varnishing unless they have been damaged or scratched.

It is also a good idea to regularly service uPVC doors to make sure they haven’t expanded or contracted with a change in temperature, which can be common with uPVC.

Weather Resistance

uPVC is highly resistant to the elements, making it an excellent choice for doors exposed to harsh weather conditions. If you are considering external doors facing harsh weather then uPVCs might be the best doors for home.

In higher temperatures, uPVC doors, along with timber doors, are more susceptible to swelling and cracking compared to composite or aluminium doors.

Good Insulation

While not as thermally efficient as composite doors, uPVC doors still provide decent insulation. So depending on price and a number of other factors they may prove the best doors for you home.

A front door to a house set back on a porch
If your front door to the house is set back in a sheltered position you will have a wider choice to select from

Choosing Between Composite Doors and uPVC Doors

Both composite doors and uPVC doors have their own pros and cons that homeowners should consider before getting them fitted in their homes.

Here, we will go through what you should take into account when thinking about getting a new front door by comparing uPVC and composite doors in different areas.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Doors for You


If you’re working within a strict budget, uPVC doors may be the more practical choice due to them having the cheapest initial cost of the common front door materials.

However, if you’re willing to invest in long-term durability and aesthetics, composite doors are worth considering.

Due to composite doors’ superior resistance to warping and swelling in higher temperatures, they are a more energy-efficient front door option over longer periods of time. As uPC doors expand and contract, they become less energy efficient, retaining less heat and not being as weatherproof as they were when first installed.

Taking all of this into account, composite front doors may actually be the most cost-effective choice of the doors.

Aesthetic Preferences

Consider the architectural style and colour scheme of your home in order to find a match with the best doors available. Both types of doors offer a variety of styles, so choose the one that best complements your property.

Security Concerns

If security is a top priority, composite doors are the beset doors for you due to their robust construction, in addition to usually coming with a 3-star anti-snap lock system, making it even harder to break in.

uPVC doors are structurally weaker than composite doors due to only being made of plastic, whereas composite doors are constructed with a variety of materials, reaping the benefits from each one.

Climate Considerations

For homes in areas prone to extreme weather conditions, composite doors, with their excellent weather resistance, might be the best doors in your location and situation, as uPVC doors are weaker and are more likely to warp.

Final Thoughts on Comparing Composite Doors & uPVC Doors – Our Verdict

In the battle of composite doors vs. uPVC doors, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best doors for your home and making the right choice depends on your individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. Both options offer distinct advantages, so weigh the pros and cons carefully. 

Remember, investing in a quality door not only enhances the look of your home but also adds value and security. Take your time, explore your options, and make the decision that suits your home best.

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