Choose the right home radiators for your heating

13 Jan, 2021

Choose the right home radiators for your heating

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If you are managing your heating at home, and use radiators you may not be aware of the remarkable variety of designs available. Today you can choose all manner of shapes and sizes, vertical or horizontal home radiators to heat your home. As a home owner you may find a time that suddenly requires some research into what options are available to you. Read on and learn about the varied designs in home radiators available to you today.

home radiators
Choose new radiators for the design of your room and residents

Different Types Of Radiators For Your Home

What Is the Best Type of Radiator for Your Home?

If it’s been a while since you last updated your radiators, this year could be a great time to upgrade. Few people give a second thought to having new radiators installed. However, taking time to think could really improve the heating and aesthetics of rooms you’re in every day. Changing your home radiators will provide practical upgrades as well as improving energy efficiency in your home. When moving into a new home you will likely inherit the standard white steel panel radiators ubiquitous in many homes. Yet there is wide choice available that will serve your needs perfectly and help you add style to your home.

Radiator choice

The thing is that you can consider electric radiators that will match your interior design and will be easy to use. For example, there is a type of radiators that are controlled remotely thanks to their WiFi feature, such as radiators from IntelliHeat, HeatGenie, BestElectricRadiators, or RadiWarm; each of which has a nice design that will look good with your house’ interior design. It is important to pay attention to the details as you are going to use the radiator for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, the electricity bill can be shortened if you have the right one which saves energy much. As the US Department of Energy estimates a typical household can save up to 25% on utility bills with energy efficiency measures, which amount to around 2,200 USD annually.

Compact Units as home radiators

If space is at a premium in your home, opt a slimline single panel radiator. It can fit closer against the wall allowing you to reclaim precious inches of floor space. Switching from double to single panel units in a small room that holds heat well is an obvious choice. If you are worried about needing more heat in the room, choose a taller or wider radiator. Switching to a more slimline design can help make up surface area, which will heat your room more efficiently.

Column radiators

Also known as Victorian style radiators, this design is a great choice aesthetically for traditional and period properties. In addition it is also an extremely energy efficient choice, thanks to the increased surface area this design offers. Even though they are energy efficient they still provide you with just as much heating power as any other radiator. Column radiators look fantastic in deep, moody hues. In this way they offer the opportunity to turn an everyday household feature into a real style statement.

home radiators
Sometimes a vertical choice is handy in a small space

Contemporary designs for home heaters

If you prefer minimalist or modern décor, there are many contemporary styles of home radiators. These modern styles offer clean lines and modern innovation for performance too. With these modern styles, you have your pick from a varied design selection.

These designs, for example, allow you to hide the radiator in the background or be more prominent adding new interest to your scheme. This can offer a unique look to your home that is both distinct, or subtle and discrete.

Vertical radiator designs

Maximise your vertical space and make better use of awkward spaces with a vertical radiator. These are fantastic because they offer the most surface area with minimal wall width used.

Simply by going up the wall instead of across you ensure an efficient use of space.

They’re ideal for hallways and bathrooms, keeping you cosy in such high-traffic areas without compromising the function of the space. And they discretely keep the room as warm as you like.

Ultimate luxury – Heated towel rails

If like us, you love to bring multi-functional items into your home consider a heated towel rail. it is often overlooked, they can be a useful luxury home radiators. These are the ultimate affordable luxury item in your bathroom and are a fantastic option for heating too. Traditionally used in the bathroom, they offer the two-in-one function of heating and ventilating this damp space. They dry your towels efficiently, to ensure you always have warm dry towels when you take a shower.  They offer a stylish way to store and dry your family’s towels.  Heated towel rails are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They suit any bathroom layout and décor scheme.

A  surprisingly wide choice of home radiators

With so many different options to choose from, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home radiators. Installing new more efficient radiators can bring down your energy bills. With so many of us using 2021 to make our homes more comfortable, stylish enjoyable to be in, how will you decide to upgrade yours?



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