Choosing a real estate agent? 5 points to look for

9 Feb, 2022

Choosing a real estate agent? 5 points to look for

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if you are a homeowner looking to sell your property, or indeed want to buy one consider an agent. More importantly before choosing a real estate agent read this blog and consider these five essential factors.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

choosing a real estate agent
Consider carefully before selecting your real estate agent

Do you want to buy a home? If so, it’s best to go through a real estate agent to ensure you get the best deal as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the real estate market has a set of pitfalls and challenges that only a skilled real estate broker can navigate. At the same time, many agents may not have your interests at heart and may only focus on what they will get. That’s why you have to take your time to make sure you pick the right broker.

Here are the top five factors to consider when choosing a real estate agent.

1. The Agent Should Understand the Real Estate Market

A good realtor should understand the current trends in the real estate industry, especially in the region where you want to buy a home. You might find an agent with a great personality, a list of contacts, and excellent people skills, but if they don’t have their fingers in the heart of the real estate industry, they won’t get you the best deal.

2. Experience

The transfer of ownership of a home involves a lot of paperwork and transactions. Having a novice handle this for you may make the process take ages. New real estate agents may have tons of ambition and energy, but they lack the top-notch instincts needed to navigate the competitive and crowded marketplace.

This team of Real Estate Broker Beaconsfield agents recommends choosing a realtor with many years of experience. They have built relationships, understand every aspect of the market, have broad networks, and hasten the home transfer process.

3. A Solid Track Record

Before hiring a real estate agent, find out about the deals they have closed and what their clients say about them. You can check online reviews to find out the number of satisfied clients they have served. A broker with many negative reviews is a no-no. If possible, choose an agent with more than ten years of experience.

4. Skilled Communicators

Communication is a very important aspect of any transaction. After you engage a realtor, they should keep you up-to-date on every progress they make. Constant communication will assure you that things are on the right track and help you prepare the needed documents on time.

A realtor that goes silent for days, weeks, or months is not worth working with. This is because they can keep you waiting for something that’s not forthcoming. Instead, choose an agent who will update you regularly, offer advice, and involve you in every step along the way.

5. Respect and Client Care

house ready for sale
An agent or broker can help get the house ready for sale

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate brokers willing to offer their services. Even if they are all qualified, respect matters a lot. You don’t have to work with a dealer who disrespects you to the extent of even ignoring your calls.

A realtor should be available to serve you whenever you need them and focus on helping you. If they can’t attend to you at any given moment for any reason, they should explain and offer an apology. Showing respect is part of being professional. If you see any sign of disrespect in a real estate agent, you can disengage with them and move on to the next one.


When buying a new home, time is of the essence, so you’d not want to work with someone who wastes your time. By following the above tips, you can find a good real estate agent to help you get the best home.

Your best option is to choose a realtor with decades of experience and a customer-satisfaction guarantee. They will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best home you can afford in a good location, no matter the size of your family and the number of pets you have.



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