Choosing a roof for a home? Here are some top tips

12 Feb, 2021

Choosing a roof for a home? Here are some top tips

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Wherever you live in the world if you are building a home or renovating your roof you need to choose your styles carefully. If you live in a country with extreme weather then the climate will doubtless assist your decision in what changes you make. Such decisions are really important when you specify a new roof either for an existing home or a new build. As every homeowner knows you need to think carefully before spending such large amounts of money. Here are some top tips for how to choose a new roof for a home, as it applies in Alexandria, Virginia in the US. Many of these tips will likely apply your new roof also.

How to Choose the Right Type of Roof for Your Alexandria, VA Home

roof for a home
A pitched roof is a popular choice regardless of the local climate

Founded in the 1740s, Alexandria, VA, has an exciting history, and many historic buildings are preserved in the city even today. If you are building a new house in Alexandria or replacing your existing roof, you may have difficulty deciding which one to choose. This article will give you information on how to choose the right type of roof for your Alexandria, VA home. You may also call roofing contractors Alexandria VA, and seek expert help.

Consider Appearance when choosing a roof for a home

Since the roof is quite visible to people on the street, the roof material’s appearance can dramatically impact your house’s overall look. The type, texture, and color of the roofing must match your home exterior’s style and finish. The architectural style of houses in Alexandria, VA, can vary from colonial-style, Federal, and Victorian style. Especially in Old Town Alexandria, there are several historic homes.

Hence, stick to your house’s architectural style. For instance, Spanish tiles will look odd on a colonial-style house, while metal roofing would not be appropriate for a 1960’s ranch house in Alexandria, VA. The key is to select a roof that stays consistent with the overall look of your home.

Check the Durability and Longevity Factor

The median age of Alexandria real estate is 46 years. If you plan to stay in the same house for a long time, you must spend more on a roofing material that can last long and does not need replacement soon. If you choose a cheap material, you may save some money for now, but it will turn out to be pricier than an expensive material, as it would demand replacement much sooner.

Since roof installation is a cumbersome and expensive job that you won’t want to do every 4-5 years, it’s worth paying more for a roof that has a longer life span. Do not forget to check the coverage and warranty offered. Keep a check on details and avoid doing anything that can void its warranty.

roof for a home
Construct your home, especially your roof, with durable materials

Climate should guide your choice of roof

The roofing material you choose must be strong enough to handle the weather type in your area. Alexandria, VA, is known for its humid subtropical climate characterized by mild and cool winters and hot and humid summers. So, the roofing you choose should give a sufficient barrier between your home and the elements of nature. The roof should provide reliable shelter to your family and protect you from rain, wind, and sun. Depending on your area’s climate, some roof types will do their job better than the others.

Stay Within Your Budget

The average cost of roofing in Alexandria, VA, is often calculated at the rate of per square foot. Whether you are looking for asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shingles, or metal roof, the price may range from affordable to lavishly expensive.

Set some budget assigned for labor charges as well. The height, steepness, and complexity of your roof may also affect the labor cost you have to pay. However, never compromise on quality and durability for the price. Don’t go over-budget, but be ready to pay more for a more durable and good quality product instead of choosing a low-quality one only to save a few bucks.

Adapt the style of roof to your climate

Ensure Easy Installation

Some roofing materials, especially concrete tiles, require heavy-duty equipment and a unique roofing structure for loading. The material’s weight is a big concern because it is always designed to bear a limited weight. If the material that you choose exceeds that limit, you may end up beefing-up the frame. Tiles and slate are heavy, so you need to check your roofing structure before choosing them.

The material weight also affects the installation of the roof. Lighter materials like composites and asphalt shingles are easy to load and handle while installing. Since Alexandria, VA, does not have a significant snow problem, you can choose a roof accordingly.

 A final word on choosing a roof for your home

Consider the points mentioned above while choosing the right roof for your home in Alexandria, VA. If you are still not sure, call roofing contractors in Alexandria, VA, and rely on their expert suggestions for the best decision.



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