Choosing flooring for home – Things to consider

9 Jun, 2021

Choosing flooring for home – Things to consider

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On buying a property or when you are redecorating you may well find yourself choosing flooring for home in a rush. Take your time and think about all the permutations of use. In this article we offer homeowners an opportunity to reflect on the type of flooring they might consider and the frequency of updating the floors. Read on to learn more.

Things to consider when choosing flooring for your home 

choosing flooring for home
Wooden floors give a particular warmth and character

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The flooring of your living or working space may seem insignificant. Still, choosing flooring for home can make all the difference in your living space or office outlook.

Floorings impact the aesthetics of your room, and according to real estate agents, excellent flooring can influence the value of your home. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the many options available, for example, timber, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, etc. So before purchasing one to revamp your property, here are some factors to consider.  

The durability of the flooring

Before choosing flooring for home, consider their lifespan. The flooring should withstand some amount of pressure and do what it was built for. No one would like to go in for flooring, and in less than two years, would have to spend some hard-earned money in getting a whole new replacement. 

Before you purchase any flooring, map out your home and indicate areas with the most use, such as the kitchen, living room, entryways or corridors, and bathrooms) and others with fewer purposes like the bedroom, reading room, etc.).

Frequently used rooms like kitchens and bathrooms would require more rigid materials for the flooring and vice versa for the other rooms. Other things to consider when choosing flooring for home are future changes that may impact the lifespan of your floor. For example, children and pets can easily ruin your well-laid floorings.

Flooring maintenance requirements

Flooring is supposed to make your rooms look better not degrade them. So when choosing flooring for home select one that compliments your style. For example, flooring types like vinyl give your rooms a posh and sleek feel.

Consider a variety of criteria when choosing flooring for home

There are flooring options that come with great colours and designs that can change the look of your home. Always choose the Best LVP Flooring that either beautifully contrasts or complements your décor.

It’s also important to be aware of potential material and colour clashes. For example, if your kitchen has cabinets with a timber or american oak veneer, then going with wood floors would overwhelm the space

Having dogs and other animals in the home adds additional wear and tear. Choosing flooring for home becomes a really important decision for durability

No matter how durable flooring is, without proper care and maintenance, it can get damaged quickly. Different flooring boards are made up of unique materials. Each material comes with a unique way of maintaining them, so be advised.

Routinely clean your floor by dust mopping, using a vacuum cleaner without its beater bar (especially for hard surfaces), or even sweep. Floorings like tiles require regular scrubbing and cleaning to remove dirt that has accumulated. When you choose your flooring type, do not forget to ask for information on maintaining them properly and always read the instructions manual.

revamp your kitchen
Change to flooring to refresh the look, but be mindful of the cost in a large home


Money comes to play in almost any home project. And floorings are no different, doubtless you want the best flooring for the money. You should know your budget constraints in order not to exceed them. Flooring types come at varied costs, and each kind’s quality is primarily price-based.

So, for example, flooring made of timber could be cheaper or expensive depending on the quality. When you want the best flooring for your home, you can conduct research into that specific flooring and save towards it; this way, you can buy what you love and enjoy having it in your home.

Also if you have a large home you need to consider cost, as a key criteria when choosing the best flooring for large areas.

Aesthetics and style

choosing flooring for home
A parquet floor can add style to your home, and makes a marked difference to plain vinyl plank flooring

Flooring is supposed to make your rooms look better not degrade them. So when choosing flooring for home select one that compliments your style. For example, flooring types like vinyl give your rooms a posh and sleek feel.  Another important criterion that can change the look and feel is how to choose flooring color for your home.

When choosing flooring for home you’ll see there are flooring options that come with great colours and designs that can change the look of your home. Always choose the flooring that either beautifully contrasts or complements your décor. 

If you want a natural and warm look for your property, consider using wood for flooring your home. Many people have started incorporating these aesthetics and styles into their floors. However, due to technology, you can have your flooring customised to suit you instead of going with whatever options your designer or contractor suggests.

You should also consider where you install your floorings because wood flooring will not do well if installed in basements. Also, the size of your room matters because large planks of wood can make a room seem bigger.   

choosing flooring for home
Choosing flooring for home can be a lifetime investment

Adaptability to change

There are many cases where you fall in love with a particular flooring type and material and install them.

As time goes on, you notice you do not like it as much as you thought and now changing it is very difficult and costly. So when choosing flooring for home consider one that allows for an easy change in the future. For example, when you repaint your walls or move furniture you may want to update your floor too.

Choosing flooring for home usually means choosing versatile floorings. They are always the best as they can handle stains and allow for refinishes. There would be no use for flooring that doesn’t add to making that living space presentable. 

A final thought on choosing flooring for home

LVT flooring provides hard working surfaces in busy areas of your home, especially true if you have pets

If it is too much to unpack, you can consult an interior designer to help you make the best choice. Your floor should bring you joy and give your property the aesthetic you have in mind. It should also give your visitors an excellent first impression.

Of course, how much you will spend depends on what you choose, but you should find something to fit your budget due to the varying options.


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