Choosing home alarm systems – Your guide

15 Dec, 2021

Choosing home alarm systems – Your guide

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Most homeowners today will invest in an alarm system. But when choosing home alarm systems which one will suit you and your home the best? In this guide we offer you some top tips on how to check what you need and when to decide on the system that best suits your pocket.

Your guide to choosing home alarm systems

choosing home alarm systems
Choose a system that works for your home and your needs

Introduction to the features, costs and benefits

Protecting our loved ones and valuable possessions has always been the top priority for most homeowners. This is especially true if we spend time at home, we want to feel safe and secure. That is why we invest in home security or home alarm systems.

The word ‘alarm‘ itself defines the purpose of using it. If you set your alarm to detect unexpected movement or an entry at times when you are out or upstairs asleep, then the alarm system  detects the breach and literally sounds the alarm. This article is an overall guide on what to look for when choosing home alarm systems.

What are home alarm systems?

Let’s start with the basic concept of a home alarm. A home alarm system is a group of physical, electronic components, which work together to manage the defences of your home.

Features to check when choosing home alarm systems

Understanding the basic concept of a home alarm system, let’s learn about one in particular, the basic Smith Thompson features of a home alarm system. it is worth noting of course that different brands produce home alarm systems offering different features and price tags.

In this article we describe the basic features of a home alarm system, and what to look for to keep your loved one safe and secure.

1.    Monitoring

Monitoring is one of the most crucial features an alarm system should offer at any price tag. If an alarm system fails to monitor the necessary boundaries of a property, how can it notify you about any impending hazards?

So, when you are choosing home alarm systems, ensure that the system you choose has a top-class monitoring system.

2.    Cameras

When the alarm system is monitored, it has to have cameras or sensors, or both of them. Whenever we think about home alarms or home security systems, we mostly think of CCTV cameras. But at the same time, different cameras come with different resolutions, night vision, and wide coverage area.

3.    Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas, which is almost undetectable. If it fills the indoor environment, it can be deadly for both humans and animals. Thus, the installation of a carbon monoxide detector alarm is a must for your home. In case of fires, this alarm starts ringing, and you get the chance to save yourself and your loved ones.

4.    Energy management

An ideal alarm system should always offer its users the ability to manage or control connected appliances through their iPad, laptop, and smartphones. Suppose you are on vacation or at work; now, you will be able to control the thermostat of your home as per the local weather. This way, you will be able to save a lot of energy and your money as well.

5.    Wellness alert

If ‘wellness alerts‘ are incorporated with home alarm systems, it can actually protect the users from injuries, which can take place within their domicile; they can be anything like slips and falls. This very increased security not only allows them to live freely but also makes sure they are getting the proper assistance in case of any emergency.

why hire a house sitter
Alarm systems help to protect your property if you are absent

Benefits of home alarm systems

Now, you get an understanding of what home alarm systems are along with the basic features they have to have for proper functioning and utmost security. Now is the time to look at the different benefits of home alarm systems.

  1. It Deter Crime
  2. Help You Protect Your Valuables
  3. Can Enable Remote Access
  4. Improve Home Energy Management
  5. Reduces Renters And Homeowners Insurance
  6. Alert you in Case Of Smoke And Fire
  7. Alert Your Carbon Monoxide Gas Buildup
  8. Summon Medical Assistance
  9. Keeps Tab On Kids
  10. Offers Peace Of Mind

Home alarm systems costs

As previously mentioned, there are different price tags to review when choosing home alarm systems. Different home alarm systems come with different features. When it comes to the prices, it depends on the quality of performance and the features the system has.

You can get a home security system with a price tag of $10 or even $200 for the basic set of equipment. There is some high-quality equipment also available, which can range above the range we have mentioned earlier.


We understand, when it comes to home alarm systems, there are a lot of confusion and doubts, which keep you from installing them. It is obvious that, when it comes to installing a home security or home alarm system, there are a lot of things you have to have a clear idea about.

This is why we are answering some of the most common questions, which we think might also be disturbing you. So, let’s check them out.

Q1: Which Security System Should I Choose?

First, you need to identify the areas of your house that need to be secured. Then as per your requirements look for the products which will be able to fulfill your purposes the best.

Q2: What Is The Most Effective Type Of Alarm System?

As we have already mentioned, when it comes to home alarm systems, there is no one that fits for all. So, you have to have a proper understanding of your requirements and then check the prices, features, and brand reliability of the alarm system before making a purchase.

Q3: What Is The Best Home Security System On The Market Today?

There are a bunch of options for you in the market if you are thinking about installing a home alarm system. Each one comes with a set of equipment with a set of features. As person to person, the requirement varies, that is why it is always advised to choose the one which serves your purposes the best.

Q4: What Are The Two Basic Types Of House Alarm Systems?

Here are the different types of home alarm systems.

  • Wired alarm system.
  • Electric current alarm system.
  • Wireless home alarm system.
  • Monitored home alarm system.
  • Unmonitored home alarm system.

Summary – Always get the best alarm you an afford

When it comes to the security of your home and loved ones you want to get the best alarm system. So, when you are choosing home alarm systems, review a variety of options, then consider the one, which meets all your requirements. Remember to check the prices for the best value system that meets your needs.


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