Personalized Dog Pet Tags That is Safe For Your Pet

13 Mar, 2020

Personalized Dog Pet Tags That is Safe For Your Pet

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At we occasionally get asked by our members to share information about products. We have m any pet owners and especially dog owners among our membership. So we thought this article on personalised pet tags and how to choose the right ones for safety might be of use.

Personalised Pet Tags That Are Safe For Your Dog

Pets are essential members of the families, and you should do all it takes to keep them safe and secure. Since pets cannot talk, the easiest way they can communicate to strangers when lost is by having their tags on.

Ensuring your pet is wearing a visible badge is the best way to ensure that they have a ticket back home even if they are lost. Some people opt not to put tags on their pets for various reasons.

Some think it is not necessary because they have indoor dogs, the dogs will not go far, or the pet will not wear collars. The following are some of the personalised tags that are safe for your dog.  

small dog in red and white dog jumper wearing pet tags
Choose your personalise pet tag with care to keep pets safe

Photo by Mia Anderson

Hanging Pet Tags

You may choose a hanging tag made of resin, plastic, or metal. These tags are mostly made with split rings that you attach to the collar. The tags can have personalized text on both sides of the plate.

The text can include the dog’s name or nickname, the primary contact information of the owner, a reward offer for a stranger who returns the dog home as well as personality quirks of the dog. It can also include medical history or the doctor’s name.

With such vital info printed on the tag, anyone who comes across your dog lost can easily bring it back to you.

dachshund wearing dog tags looking out of a car window
Personalising your safe pet tag should be just as easy

Photo by Niki Sanders

Slide-On tag

Some of the pet owners find standard tags not compelling enough. When you want to get a highly visible tag, large plates that can carry more personalised text or tags that do not make jangle or make noises.

The slide-on pet tags will best serve these needs. The simplicity of these types of tags completes their beauty. You can as well personalise the text in every tag. These tags can also carry longer lines of text. 

Hand Stamped Pet Tags

Hand stamped tags are handcrafted and can be customized to the order. Take some time to look for the best personalised dog tag in the market, which can be made of materials such as wood, plastic, or metals.

Since they are stamped by hand, the custom text is carefully stamped to keep them simple and impressive.

The pet tags can be made to contain two copies of the text on a single tag cut into two halves or two similar tags on the same chain. You can also personalise the tags to be waterproof dog tags. 

Rivet-On Pet Tags

Rivet-on tag tags can also be considerable tags for your lovely pet. These tags are fitted with rivets, which prevent them from coming off unintentionally. You engrave them on the front of like the slide-on tags. You can as well customise these tags in terms of colours, sizes, shapes, and texts to match your taste and preferences.

Final thoughts on pet tags

As owners, having tags for your dogs is very important, regardless of where your pet goes. Furthermore, you can have your tags customised to your preferred sizes, shapes, colours, types as well as texts. That is because there are thousands of tags you can make your choice from.

The article above will help you understand the various types of tags that you can have customised for your cheerful pet. 

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