Choosing the Right Dog Sitter for Your Wedding Day

27 Apr, 2021

Choosing the Right Dog Sitter for Your Wedding Day

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Planning a wedding can be a full on job if you are doing the organising yourself. If you have pets and are a dog owner you also need to think about care for your pets.  Choosing the right dog sitter can be a challenge because once you have a sitter you don’t want to worry about your pet. You just want a caring responsible person to care for your dog.

Here are some top tips to help you get started on that part of your plan.

Choosing the right dog sitter for Your big day

choosing the right dog sitter
Choosing the right dog sitter on your wedding day is pretty important to give you peace of mind and a worry free enjoyable day

Over the last few years an increasing number of couples have opted to include their dogs in their wedding ceremony. As much as you want your dog to be a part of your wedding day, however, the last thing you’d want is to have to worry about your best friend’s well-being.

Thankfully, you can make use of a professional pet sitter that will keep your dog happy and your mind at ease on what is bound to be the most memorable day of your life.

Consider what services you might need when choosing the right dog sitter

Before you start looking for a suitable dog sitter for your wedding day you need to list the services you will require from the sitter. These services will largely depend on what role your canine has in your nuptials.

Do you need someone to just keep an eye on your beloved pooch during the ceremony or do you require them to transport your pet to and from the wedding venue and offer boarding after the event?

You will also have to decide whether you need the sitter to be present at the wedding rehearsal and if you will require them to dress your dog prior to the ceremony.

Another popular option when choosing the right dog sitter is to plan to have your pooch with you on the day, accompanied by the sitter, and then kept safe at home with the dogs sitter while you are away on honeymoon.

Once you have established exactly what your requirements are, you can start interviewing potential sitters for your big day.

Find the right dog sitter for the job

It is essential that you find the right dog sitter for your wedding day. In order to do so, you need to give yourself enough time to interview at least a few candidates for the job. Always opt for someone with relevant experience and traceable references.

Ensure that the sitter you choose suits your very specific needs and enquire whether they are suitably qualified to perform emergency first aid on your dog if required.

Don’t wait until your wedding day for your dog to meet their sitter for the first time. The initial meeting should happen prior to the special day so that you can make sure both your dog and the sitter are happy with the arrangement

choosing the right dog sitter
You don’t want to be responsible for your dog on the day, so it is important to start choosing the right dog sitter really early

Don’t expect too much from your dog

Even if you manage to snag the best pet sitter in the world you should not have unrealistic expectations from your dog. Being dressed in a flamboyant outfit while expected to carry rings down the aisle may simply be more than even the best-behaved dog can handle.

There is also a chance that, despite your and the sitter’s best efforts to keep them happy, your pooch may have a mini-meltdown and either launch at the wedding cake or soil the floor.

A good dog sitter will always expect the unexpected and handle any issues that may arise with professional grace.

 And so a final word on choosing the right dog sitter

Having your dog at your wedding is a dream-come-true for many dog owners. By planning ahead and taking time when choosing the right dog sitter, the day can become even more enjoyable for humans and dogs alike knowing your pet is being taken care of. A dog sitter can give you peace of mind and a worry free day!

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