Cleaning companies – More important than ever

7 May, 2020

Cleaning companies – More important than ever

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As any homeowner or investment property owner knows the importance of property maintenance and cleanliness is critical for the well-being of the building and all its occupants. This is more important now than ever for housesitters, homeowners, renters, commercial property tenants and landlords.

Mainstream cleaning, building hygiene in any property is essential. Here are our recommendations for cleaning maintenance and what to look for in the very best cleaning companies.

Cleaning your property

New hygiene standards for rental and commercial properties will likely become part of our ‘new normal’, after the Covid-19 crisis.  Managing the hygiene in properties, whether public or private is becoming a major concern. While this may be manageable in a domestic setting, what happens after Lockdown eases and people return to their offices and public spaces? And if you own a rental property, how do you manage hygiene standards after each tenant?

deep cleaning
Keep tenants and rental property healthier by deep cleaning

New hygiene standards

Part of our ‘new normal’ way of operating post Lockdown will involve stringent hygiene standards. They will be introduced at the start of a work placement, or indeed any rental agreement.  Access to public buildings and offices will require careful management.

How can these new hygiene standards be managed on a commercial scale?  Businesses will need to reassess the commercial cleaning companies they contract with, and their cleaning routines. Rental properties, for example, may need new hygiene certification before a new rental contract is signed.

This may even affect housesitting arrangements between homeowners and housesitters at the start and end of each housesit assignment.  How it pans out will need to be managed carefully as each country comes out of Lockdown and travel restrictions ease.

Deciding between cleaning companies – Top Tips

If you own or manage a rental property or commercial building you will doubtless be reviewing your cleaning routines and contractors on a regular basis. Companies are getting ready to return to offices, building sites and all kind of public spaces and places of work.  Are you taking the right precautions to ensure your staff and visitors are safe? While your workspace is empty you have an opportunity to consider specific COVID-19 safety steps.

Here are some top tips for what to look for to ensure your cleaning company is ready and set up to support you by offering the right services:

  1. Sanitised work surfaces –

You have various options for preparing a safe working environment. A Sanitisation/Deep Clean means thoroughly sterilising every surface from phones to door plates.

     2. Chemical Fogging –

This involves spraying a non-harmful solution into the air. The spray settles as a fine mist, thus eradicating any virus in the atmosphere.

       3. Managing hygiene in public spaces –

Similarly, regular cleaning routines will be come essential. For instance, heavily used public spaces like shared kitchens or food areas in office buildings will undergo new hygiene routines to maintain standards.

cleaning companies
Careful hygiene management is essential especially in heavily used areas like office kitchens

Managing cleaning routines for the end of rentals

As companies prepare to welcome staff back into their offices, they must prepare a hygienic environment for their workers. Therefore, whether on a building site, in an enclosed office space or areas of public access new cleaning disciplines must be introduced. It is critical to ensure you have the right contractors as partners. Are you taking the right precautions to ensure your staff and visitors are safe?

Rental property shower tray before
Rental property shower tray after cleaning









First of all, if you own or are managing a rental property or a long term housesit you may need to consider introducing a cleaning contractor. By contracting out your cleaning to a professional cleaning company you maintain your hygiene standards to the highest level.

Details that might be missed will be picked up by the professional cleaners. For example, in a domestic setting a bathroom shower head is prone to clog up. Professional cleaners will ensure that standards are maintained and the presentation is spotless.

Showerhead in rental property
Showerhead cleaned  professionally








Professional cleaning companies

The difference in professional cleaning standards varies widely. Furthermore, in order to ensure professional standards you must secure references and insist on agreeing a catalogue of hygiene routines. This matters a great deal especially in a professional environment like an office or public space where traffic is greatly increased.  Consider office cleaning services in Madison as a place to start your search or as a point of reference..

By keeping your rental property to a strict hygiene standard and recruiting professional cleaners after each tenancy you will ensure they health and well being of your building and all who frequent your rental.  For instance, by insisting on a spotless presentation throughout the property but especially any water-based rooms you will minimise the spread of disease.

Sink areas need thorough and regular cleaning
cleaning companies
Employ professionals to optimise hygiene in rentals








Finally, when builders have been renovating a property there is a considerable mess to clear up. Major renovation projects can have quite an impact on a property. It is best to let a professional cleaning company like Mainstream Cleaning deal with the heavy duty work, to ensure a professional refreshing and cleansing of your property.

A final word on mainstream cleaning companies

Building works can create a big  impact on a property
Maintain your rental property before, during and after renovations

Finding an appropriate contractor will ensure you are able to maintain high standards of hygiene and help to ensure the health of occupants. Mainstream cleaning is an essential requirement for good property management, therefore take time to find the right contractor.


Above all, professional cleaning companies can help to give you peace of mind. Knowing they will ensure a high standard of cleanliness while you provide an excellent space with professional hygiene standards. Therefore, Mainstream cleaning is a professional cleaning company in the UK we are happy to recommend to ensure your tenants live and employees can work in a hygienic space.




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