Commercial building safety – Lessons for all of us

13 Jun, 2021

Commercial building safety – Lessons for all of us

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When undertaking home maintenance we often forget standard safety precautions. As homeowners, we’re working at home in a relaxed manner. Moreover, we’re often on our own and it’s easy to forget. So it is worth reminding ourselves of what formal commercial building safety precautions look like ahead of our return to our place of work. Read on to benefit from these lessons on commercial buildings safety.

Commercial buildings safety: Important things to remember

commercial building safety
Learn from the lessons that commercial building safety guidelines have to offer

It goes without saying that construction workers are more prone to major injuries and, in some circumstances, fatalities than those in other industries. This is owing largely to the numerous risks they face on the job. As a result, employers must fight to ensure workplace safety and, more significantly, the health and vitality of their employees.

Disregarding or evening simply weakening safety precautions creates a greater risk in commercial building safety. Doing a risk assessment always helps. Some of these practices are simple to implement, but they are critical for firms that wish to foster a safety-conscious culture. The following is a list of frequently overlooked yet vital commercial building safety practices.

Ladder safety

Misuse of portable ladders can result in sprains and fractured bones and head and neck trauma, and even death in extreme circumstances. Always secure and position ladders carefully at suitable angles before use. All components, including hinges, rungs/steps, side rails, and feet, should be visually inspected for damage before use. Side rails should be at least 3 feet above the landing and fastened to a solid structure at the top.

Plan the use of portable ladders carefully. Follow the weight capacity they were designed to hold. Double check any other applicable regulations. 

Pests infestation

Pests usually fall low down on the serious problem list, compared to other risks in commercial building management. However, it can be inconvenient for both current and potential employees, and it can even affect a company’s brand if they are visible to customers and visitors.

For many people, wasps are a terrifying pest. They establish their nests in structures and fly quickly about doors and entryways, stinging if they feel threatened. Because of this, you need wasp control services to avoid any unhappiness and to ensure the safety of both staff and guests. The experts will use pest prevention procedures and eliminate any unwanted invaders as soon as possible. 

The danger of not lifting properly

An employee’s failure to lift an object appropriately is the cause of many workplace injuries. Experts agree that lifting using one’s legs rather than one’s back is critical for any worker. Despite this, many employees fail to follow this simple rule.

Furthermore, if an item is too large or bulky to lift on your own, ask for help. As previously noted, improper lifting causes significantly more workplace injuries and is considerably more damaging to employees than a presumption of weakness by failing to muscle through any activity. Use caution and restraint to manage commercial building safety appropriately.

Scaffolding works

Improper scaffolding works will result in hazards. Fall hazards occur if the scaffolds are not properly erected or used. As per OSHA, about 2.4 million construction workers work over scaffolding. Following the safety practices during scaffolding, works helps to prevent injuries and fatalities. Hence, scaffolding construction must be inspected by a competent person. Always erect, move or dismantle the unit with the guidance and supervision of a professional. 

Working From height

Construction and demolition of buildings frequently necessitate workers working from a height. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height are the leading cause of fatal injuries in commercial buildings. If working from a height is unavoidable, the HSE recommends doing a risk assessment and implementing preventive measures.

All work performed from a height must be planned, managed, supervised. You need to follow the established procedures for the specific task. In addition, brief all the staff about the procedures and instructed on how to use the equipment. Use preventative measures like safety nets, guard rails, and securing equipment as measures to limit dangers to a minimum. 

commercial building safety
Workspace safety guidelines protect maintenance workers safety


Uninvited water and leaks in your building are always bad news. If you fail to address these issues quickly, they can escalate into major issues. As a result, repair costs will spiral out of control in some cases.

Water leaking into the building is a problem that affects all roofs. The most important thing to remember about this issue is that indicators of moisture penetration are frequently an indication that there is a problem with your roof and guttering. Regular inspections of your roof and a proactive attitude to repairs and maintenance should help you avoid costly repairs if leaks and moisture develop inside the structure. 

Electrical sources

When there is an open-source of power, extreme caution must be exercised at all times. Sort and organise the wires, and employees must wear the appropriate safety equipment when handling them. The most preventable cause of injury is the failure to employ protective equipment. Among other things, workers should always wear helmets and use safe working loud equipment.

Learn from the Pros about commercial building safety

Safety precautions necessitate being aware of potential hazards and providing the necessary training and equipment. Employees and guests will be able to safely return home from the site as a result of this. Knowing about the items mentioned above can help you establish a strategy for increasing the safety of your commercial facility.

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