Community Association Management – Top Tips

23 Jun, 2020

Community Association Management – Top Tips

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Living in a community whether as a homeowner or a housesitter has many benefits. Managing a Community Association to ensure that all the routines requirements for that community are fulfilled has challenges. It’s a job and a responsible one that benefits all the homeowners and other residents alike.  Here are some top tips to help you manage your role as a Community Association Manager and to optimise your experience and those of the community members.

Making a community work is a responsibility

Become a successful Community Association Manager

As a Community Association Manager, it’s up to you to maintain the assets of your clients. Keep them in the loop of any changes, look after the community finances, resolve disputes and solve problems as they arise. Making yourself familiar with the role and gaining as much experience as possible will certainly make the job easier, however, if you want to stand apart from other CAMs and leave your clients feeling comfortable with your services then you need to be prepared to go above and beyond. 

So, what does it take? And how can you make yourself a pillar of your community? Become a successful community association manager with these simple tips.

Top Tips to Manage your Community Association

1. Get the right software

When you’re a Community Association Manager (CAM), you’re only as good as your software, which means investing in a programme that can make your job easier and can streamline your daily activity. This will leave you more time to focus on other less routine tasks. Click here to discover powerful association accounting software to make your accounting and financial roles much simpler. 

Getting the right software can improve your work load and your performance

2. Always make community safety a priority

Of course, you’re monitoring your clients’ assets and ensuring that everyone on site is happy. However, the safety of clients and residents alike should take precedent. Ensure that the building is always safe and secure and has an up to date security system in place. Fire alarms and fire equipment, complete with regular risk assessments are also essential. Ensure that all stairwells and communal areas are well lit and maintained, and regularly ask for feedback on any safety concerns residents may have.

3. Stay on top of Maintenance – This is key

You’ll have a wide range of tasks to handle as a CAM. One of them being maintenance. This time-consuming role will have you ensuring that every communal area is safe, and all facilities are in good working order. You’ll need to look at hiring all kinds of third-party vendors, including gardeners, cleaners, landscapers and organising trash removal. 

4. Listen to your Community

Disputes, rising tension between residents, disagreements and various issues. As a CAM, good listening skills are essential. You need to be able to hear all sides of an argument or concern and then come to a positive resolution. To be a successful community association manager, good listening skills are key. 

5. Prioritise your Tasks

Financial reports, bills, fees, handling money, maintaining insurance, resolving disputes, ensuring any maintenance issues are completed. Your tasks may seem endless, but you need to be able to prioritise them

And finally… Build on your Community Knowledge

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest housing legislation, regulations and laws will help to influence your decisions and keep everyone safe and happy. Ensure that you’re familiar with all of these laws to give your clients peace of mind.

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