Compact kitchen ideas – Top tips

19 Sep, 2023

Compact kitchen ideas – Top tips

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Increasingly urban homeowners in cities and the suburbs are finding small properties with a compact kitchen and other smaller rooms is the main proposition when they move house. How do you make the most of such small spaces creatively to make the most of your space? Read on to learn our top tips on how to handle a compact kitchen in particular.

Creative Renovations for a Compact Kitchen

compact kitchen
A compact kitchen is more and more the norm faced by first time buyers

Everyone needs to cook and store food, which is why the kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. If you have a compact kitchen, managing that space can be a challenge. And many people see a small kitchen as a disadvantage.

However, just because you don’t have a large space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t make positive upgrades. When renovating your kitchen, try some of these creative tactics to make the room look and feel more spacious.

Go for Curves

In a small space, it’s all too easy to bump into furniture and countertops. Aside from this, harsh corners and edges impose on the empty space of a room in a different, more aggressive way than soft curves. When choosing your surfaces and planning your layout, think about how incorporating curves could make your kitchen more welcoming, as well as free up space.

Choose a Side

If your kitchen is narrow rather than simply small, a good tactic is to reserve one side of the room for upper cabinets and appliances to keep the other side free and airy. Crowding a narrow space with too much pressing in on the middle of the room will automatically make it feel smaller. Consider how to balance the room strategically with upper and lower cabinets.

Store Upwards

compact kitchen
Use wall space as storage to make the most of the space in a compact kitchen

In a small kitchen, space is incredibly valuable. Floor space is especially important so that you and others in your household can move around the room comfortably. Instead of wasting this precious asset on bulky storage, consider vertical solutions.

By using wall and ceiling space for storage, you can free up some floor space to make your kitchen feel bigger. Tall cabinets can afford to be slimmer if designed well, and hanging cookware from the ceiling is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. When renovating a small kitchen, don’t limit your ideas to the bottom half of the room.

Visual Tricks

There are a few effective tricks that interior designers use to make small rooms, like a compact kitchen, seem bigger without too much effort. Something as simple as changing the walls or floor has the potential to brighten a room. For example, the sleek appearance of porcelain tiles as kitchen flooring can make your room seem more expansive.

With the right tones and shapes, your floor can give the impression of more space. This is also true for paler walls and more reflective surfaces. Making light bounce around the room in the allinone combination kitchenettes tricks the eye into believing it’s a larger area.

Make the most of the light in your kitchen to add an airy feel to a small space

Opt for Low-Profile Storage

As already mentioned, the less you impose upon the empty space, the bigger your kitchen will feel. Simple details like slim drawer handles or completely flat cupboard doors can make a kitchen seem less crowded. There are also options for push-to-open doors and drawers that forego the need for traditional handles and give cabinets a smoother, smarter appearance.

Final thoughts on the compact kitchen in summary

Taking on a compact kitchen is one of the biggest renovation projects any homeowner can face. There are so many working parts and essential details to account for. Trying to renovate a smaller kitchen poses even more challenges since you need to maintain a sense of space. Try these tips to transform your compact kitchen into a comfortable and welcoming part of your home.


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