Complete Guide: Choosing the Best Windows for Your Apartment

2 Feb, 2021

Complete Guide: Choosing the Best Windows for Your Apartment

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If you own an apartment and need to change the windows the choices you have can be bewildering. Take a moment to reflect on which options are the best windows for your particular apartment setting and aspect. Here is a complete guide to the best window options you have to choose from.

A Complete Guide to Best Windows For Your New Apartment

Whenever you construct a building you will need glass openings. Without windows, there will be limited ventilation, and you won’t get fresh air. Choose your frame and function wisely, and be selective according to the type of apartments you are building.

Window types to install in your new apartment

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A picture window is a large fixed window that looks out at a view

There are a variety of windows available nowadays. You can select the fanciest one or the simplest one. Let’s talk about few types here so you will get an idea of which type would be the best for your new apartment:

  1. Picture Windows

Well, this type resembles the windows described in poems, however, they don’t open. Have them installed where you don’t need ventilation or fresh air. It consists of large glass bars, and most of it gets positioned in the centre of a really big wall. The only benefit of these options is that they will help you to enjoy brighter days, sunlight and a stunning view. Your fresh air must come from another opening.

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Casement windows open on a hinge
  1. Casement windows:

These open on the outer side. The sides will support the frame, and it will form the other side. The frame of casement windows comes in various styles, but most of the time, people choose large glass panels. So it will allow sunlight to enter your new apartment and you can enjoy the fresh air.

Single hung options open in one way only
  1. Single-hung functionality:

Single hung options are installed in such a way they will open from the lower sash. The upper sash will get fixed in the window frame. These types of openings might not open like casement ones, but still, you can get fresh air and sunlight once you open them. It is ideal for your room because in a room not everyone wants large windows.

Double hung options ensure that both sashes open
  1. Double-hung options:

Similar to the single hung design, actually with very little difference. Just like single-hung options, these open but from both sides. Like you slide the upper sash as well as the lower sash. If you don’t want single hung windows and looking for something more classy but also help you to enjoy the outside weather, then these fancy styles offer a great choice.

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This tilt and turn design also enables them to act as a fire escape
  1. Design for flexibility – Tilt and turn:

 Tilt and turn windows have two benefits as you can open in an inward direction whenever you want to enjoy fresh air flow inside your apartment. The other benefit so these apertures is they will also work as a fire escape. You can wide open it in an outward direction, and you can get out through it quite easily. The base of these frames is going to be fixed.

 So, now you have a variety of options, and you can select one that will suit your apartment-style, but if you are looking for something useful, then you can install tilt and turn windows.



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