Comprehensive dog care guide for busy petowners

5 Aug, 2022

Comprehensive dog care guide for busy petowners

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If you own a dog and you work it can be a busy life. Whether you work at home or outside the home you want to be fair to your dog. Every pet owner needs to read this comprehensive dog care guide for busy petowners. It will help you manage every aspect of pet care when you are at home and when you are away.

A Comprehensive Dog Care Guide For Busy Owners

comprehensive dog care guide
Even if you work full time you can have a pet dog, just consider what you both need to make it possible
Are you a busy dog owner?

If so, you’ve presumably got a lot on your plate. Work, family time, and even just getting to the grocery store can be challenging when you have a dog in tow. It can be hard to plan how to take care of a dog when you work, especially when you travel for work too.

Remember, taking care of your dog is important, it shouldn’t be something that gets pushed to the side.  It should be one of your top priorities.

Our comprehensive dog care guide

This comprehensive dog care guide is for you to help ensure your dog has a happy and healthy life and that you can stay on top of their well being. Here are some of the dog health care tips that will be useful to know:

Choose the right breed of dog for you

If you’re a busy person, you may find that you rarely spend a lot of time with your dog.  It is important to remember the basics, how to take care of a dog for beginners. Start when you decide to adopt a dog and choosing the breed. Think about your lifestyle and work schedule before committing to a high energy dog that needs attention.

The first step in our dog care guide is which dog to choose. Choosing the right dog can mean that they can be left for a few hours at a time. Here are some breeds that are known to be independent and easy to train: 

  • Border Collie: This breed is intelligent, energetic, and obedient. They don’t need constant attention from their owners. They’ll also love to play games or go on walks or runs. However, they will need exercise so you may need a dog walker or a dog sitter to care for them if you are out for long periods.
  • Australian Shepherd: This breed has a great temperament, and they’re easygoing, which makes them perfect for anybody who doesn’t have much time to spend with their pet because they don’t need much attention or training. They’re also very bright, meaning they can learn new tricks quickly and easily.

Consider doggy daycare or dog sitting

You might need a dogsitter if you are travelling for work or holiday. This is a consideration in our dog care guide.

An essential part of the comprehensive dog care guide is what to do when you travel away from home for long periods.A doggy daycare or dog boarding as an alternative is best for busy people who need to be away from home for work. It’s also a great place to go if you’re considering getting a second dog or a puppy.

Over time, your dog will learn socialization skills and develop a sense of community with the other dogs in the facility. It can help reduce their fear of other dogs when you take them out on walks or trips to the park. 

Dogs left alone at home all day can get bored and even depressed because they have nothing to do. You may find they become destructive in the day when they are bored. You’ll give them much-needed exercise and company all day by taking them to daycare.

Bringing your dog to daycare also benefits young puppies who need socialization skills to grow into happy, well-rounded adult dogs.

Finding a dogsitter

If you are going away for a longer period you may want to consider finding a trusted dogsitter because it can be more affordable. Dogsitting your pet in your own home can be the least disruptive to their routine. This is less stressful, especially if your dogsitter is a pet lover, and can get to know the sitter for an evening before you leave.

Using a housesitting and petsitting platform like is of course one of the tips from our dog care guide. It can be a fast track to finding a great selection of dogsitters to help in your extended absence.

And once you are part of that community the dogsitter wont cost you a penny. It works like an exchange of services – free dog minding and dogsitting in your home, for free accommodation. 

Make exercise a priority

One of the dog care guide top tips is to make exercise a priority. It’s a sad fact that many people don’t make it a priority to exercise their dogs. It’s not that they’re cruel or neglectful, but they’re busy and don’t always make the time. Exercise is good for your dog’s health, and for yours too.  

They need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Exercise helps maintain muscle tone and improves cardiovascular health. It also helps prevent weight gain and obesity in dogs who tend to be sedentary. 

Another thing about prioritizing exercise is that it helps strengthen your bond with your dog. Playing together allows you to connect on a unique level between humans and animals because it’ll enable each of you to speak in ways you would never be able to understand if you didn’t have this special connection through play and companionship.

Feed your dog with a good diet for the breed and size

If you’re a busy person, you may have difficulty finding time to feed your dog. Unlike cats and other small animals that can eat independently, dogs must be fed by their owners usually to a set routine. However, if you’re too busy for this task and don’t have someone to help you, you can always consider finding a dog feeder to manage feeding your dog a proper diet

A good diet consists of high-quality food that provides all the nutrients necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy. You should also ensure that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients or preservatives. Dogs need protein in their diets. The best sources of protein for dogs include:

  • Meat: This includes beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. Most people feed their dogs with dry food, but there’s no problem if they eat raw meat as long as it’s thinly sliced so it can be chewed easily by their teeth. 
  • Eggs: Eggs provide a high level of protein which is essential for growth and development. Dogs must be fed with eggs occasionally because they contain high cholesterol, which can lead to heart problems if consumed regularly. 
  • Fish: Fish has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve blood circulation throughout your dog’s body by reducing inflammation caused by free radicals.

Protein is essential for dogs because it provides the building blocks to make new tissue. It also helps maintain muscles, bones, and skin. Many commercial dog foods contain enough protein for your puppy’s needs. However, some dogs have specific dietary requirements that require them to eat more or less protein than others.

Maintain a routine

Experts who helped us compose our dog car guide say that pets love routine. And in our housesitting and petsitting network we always hear from pet owners that maintaining a routine is essential to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

If you’re a busy person who works long hours and only gets to spend time with your dog at the end of the day, then you have a lot of responsibility. You need to make sure your dog is well-behaved and that they don’t get into trouble while you’re gone.  

The best way to maintain a routine is by having set times when they eat, sleep and go outside. If you can do this, your dog will be much happier and less likely to misbehave. You should also find some activity that both of you enjoy doing together so that you can bond as well as keep them occupied.

Take your dog to work

If you have a busy schedule and find it hard to get home for lunch, take your dog to work with you. Your dog will be thrilled to be with you all day and will love spending time with everyone at the office. 

If you’re worried about taking your dog to work, remember that dogs can be trained for almost any situation. Suppose you want to take your dog to work and research how to train your pet for public transportation, restaurants, hotels, and other places. 

A helpful tip is to start walking around town with your dog on a leash, so your pup gets used to being around people and traffic noises. Ensure your fur baby is always leashed during these trips, so your dog doesn’t run off while exploring his new surroundings.

Make regular visits to vet

Even if you’re busy, you should take your dog to regular visits to the vet. It will ensure that your dog stays healthy and safe, and the vet can advise you on how to take care of it even with a hectic schedule. 

Your dog needs a lot of attention and care. Thus, it needs proper food and water as well as veterinary care. Dogs are not like humans who can take care of themselves. They need someone to look after them all the time. 

In the case of dogs, annual check-ups are necessary. A veterinarian can keep track of your pet’s weight, diet, and lifestyle, which helps them spot problems before they become serious. Here are some other reasons why it’s essential to take your dog to regular vet visits:

  • To keep them healthy.
  • To spot potential health problems early on so they can be treated effectively.
  • To give them a complete physical test so the vet can find any underlying conditions that could cause problems later on down the road.
  • To discuss any new medications or supplements in case they may interact with other things in your home.
Invest in pet toys for your dog

Dogs are your best friends, and you want to ensure they’re happy. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re busy and can’t spend as much time with them as you’d like. That’s why it’s important to invest in toys for your dog if you’re busy.  

Dogs are very playful creatures, so they love having toys to play with. If you can’t make it with them, one of the best things you can do is provide them with some great toys that’ll keep them occupied while you’re away. It will help them stay relaxed and comfortable in your absence, which is crucial for their health and well-being.  

You can invest in interactive toys for your dog to keep engaged, active, and entertained while you’re away. These toys are designed to promote exercise, stimulate the mind and improve socialization skills. 

Interactive dog toys can be used in many different ways. One of the most popular is treat dispensing toys. These toys are an excellent way to entertain your pup without much effort. Fill up these toys with treats or kibble, then let them play with it until they work out how to get them out.  

Final thoughts on the comprehensive dog care guide

So, you’re a busy dog owner. You’ve always wanted a pet dog but you work full time. What is more you work a lot, and you love your pup more than anything else. You want to ensure they have the best possible life, but there’s just so much to do. Consider these key points on our comprehensive dog care guide to ensure you are doing your best for both of you. 

It can be difficult to keep up with all of these things when you’re busy working and taking care of other things. Remember this guide because it can help you find the best ways to care for your dog even when you have a jam-packed schedule.

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