Considered air conditioning? Top tips about the servicing

17 Feb, 2021

Considered air conditioning? Top tips about the servicing

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If you live in a hot or humid climate then likely you have considered air conditioning. And as a homeowner living in the property you know that every appliance needs servicing to maintain optimal efficiency and function. Here are some vital facts you need to know about air conditioner servicing before you embark on that journey.

What You Should Know About Air Conditioner Servicing

air conditioning
Air conditioning units need regular maintenance

Air conditioning is a must in any home, especially in warm weather. A warm home is comfortable in the wintertime but not so enjoyable in the summer months. Whether you have air conditioning in every room within your home, or it is just in a couple of living spaces it is essential that air conditioning units are kept in tip-top condition. 

Best of all, heating and cooling systems are usually user-friendly. They are manufactured better than those you could find a generation ago, meaning less debris and dust that can get inside the interior parts. Also, they have better controls like an electronic ignition rather than a pilot light, and you can check the air filter every month and even replace it every three months. If you have questions and need help in checking and changing your air conditioner filter it’s better to find and consult an expert like RMS Heating and Cooling.

Monitor your air conditioning units

Keeping a close eye on your units, and getting them regularly serviced will ensure that they are running both effectively and efficiently. If any lights are flashing on your unit or if it has a funny smell coming from it then it is time to get it serviced, so don’t delay.

Regular servicing of your air conditioning units is essential and important as it can help to prevent problems from occurring. Having a regular service can also allow trained engineers to spot early warning signs of larger problems that may be lurking around the corner.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

If you do not have a regular air conditioning service, then check. The warning signs include the room location of the unit and the following :

  • the room is not cooling down
  • the area is not reaching the temperature you have set
  • lights are flashing on your unit
  • the unit is not responding when turned on or controlled by the remote
  • there is water coming out of the ducting, or pipework that is externally located to your property.
  • another sensory sign is if you have funny smells coming from the units.

Why Regular Servicing Matters

Servicing that is done by a regulated and licensed engineer saves you money further down the line. It can be costly to get repairs done especially in an emergency, so it is wise to get regular servicing to ensure you can plan for any costs that may be coming up. Having units serviced is affordable especially if you use so there is no reason not to have a regular service, especially as they are specialists and can advise you on any issues you are experiencing when you have your units serviced.

Regular servicing ensures that any air conditioning units within your home are clean and safe to use. A service ensures that you get the most out of your units. Any problems can be rectified quickly and more cost-effectively. Leaving a problem to build up and get worse over time could cost you more money further down the line.

What Is Done When A Unit Is Serviced

This will vary depending on what type of service you have, and of course how much you pay, but as a rule of thumb your units will be checked for any signs of damage, they will be checked over for any leaks either internal or external and they will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there is no buildup of any dirt that could affect the usage of your units.

Air conditioning maintenance between services

Between services, you should keep a close eye on how well your units perform. It only takes a few minutes of your time to see how well they function. A quick check will give you time to contact an engineer should you need one. When assessing your units simply check that they are reaching the desired temperature. Look for any leaks both internally and externally. Then try to keep units clean and free from debris to ensure they stay clean and in good working condition.

air conditioning
Some climates are made comfortable with air conditioning

How often should you have units serviced

Air conditioning servicing is down to personal preference and how much you use your units. In an ideal situation, however, you would have your units serviced at least once a year. It matters more if you have more than one unit. You can choose to have a one-off service if you feel you can look after the units yourself. However, this isn’t recommended as it can be dangerous, especially to the untrained eye. Remember that you are dealing with specialized units that are powered by mains electricity. 

Servicing should be seen as an essential and routine process you undertake at home. It should not be seen as something that you can just go without for ages until you suspect trouble. When you can’t get a room cool enough you will soon wish you had gone ahead with regular servicing. It’s worth planning in to your home maintenance routines.



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