Cool Home Tech of 2020 – Don’t Miss These

28 Sep, 2020

Cool Home Tech of 2020 – Don’t Miss These

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The year 2020 has been a turning point for home working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us have started working from home permanently which brings our home tech right into focus. As a homeowner you may also want to invest in cutting edge and discrete security equipment. Here are some of the top cool home tech ideas of 2020.

Don’t miss the coolest Top Tech of 2020

Are you thinking of adding some smart tech gadgets in your life? We all need cool home tech to make our lives easier and to keep instep with the outside world. Well, fret no more. We have done our fair share of research and picked some of the most innovative tech gadgets of 2020. Let us take a look at a few of our finds.

cool home tech
The Meeting Owl Pro 1080P camera for easy home meetings

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Of course, the Apple Watch is a premium luxury product, but trust us when we say this, it is useless for you if you are one of the majority of the world’s Android users.

So, if you are on a lookout for a smartwatch, we have a solid recommendation for you. it’s high on our list of cool home tech. Yes, we are talking about the Moto 360 smartwatch. It is indeed one helluva beauty and works just as good as expected. Its premium look, a rotating crown, a weighty feel, and stainless steel body make it a perfect pick for everyone. It is a third-gen Motorola watch, and it seems like they have finally struck a balance between functionality and form. The watch is powered by WearOS, which though is an Android operating system, works just well with the iPhones too.

So, the major chunk of all that this smartwatch makes possible is owing to its operating system. The OS of Moto 360 3rd Generation watch is a lot more superior than what it used to be a few years ago, says Ray, an associate who works with a platform, TFTH, where you can pay someone to do my homework.

EZVIZ C3N security camera

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The ultimate cool in security cameras

It is a compact security camera, which is as tiny as a tennis ball. The camera is easy to install. If you have a drill, you can fix it into your wall, and then manage it with the EZVIZ app, which is incredibly simple to use. The camera allows you to toggle a full-screen live stream. There is also an option for you to hit the record button.

So, you can save the footage to the camera roll or directly into the application. The camera has a live view feature, which is perfect home tech if you wish to use the camera for other domestic reasons, such as keeping an eye on the pet or the kids while you are away at work.

If needed, you can hook up several cameras on a single system, and then share it amongst the users. The camera has an excellent video quality with its 1080p HD resolution, says Sofie, who works with TAE. That is not all. The daylight vision of the camera is pleasantly sharp.

NowLight Self-Powered Lamp

Regardless of how efficient your camping gadgets are, it is a general rule of thumb that they are going to run out of the juice at a point in time. So, instead of hoarding some backup spare batteries, it is time you seek respite in the NowLight hand-cranked instant charger. In just a minute of tugging its annexed chord, it can power your smartphone for about 15 minutes. That is not all. What makes this device unique is that it even doubles up as a 160-lumen lamp.

The NowLight – Innovative eco home tech

So, the lamp is bright enough to illuminate any jamborees even after the campfire has exhausted. Noah, an educator who works with FineGrades, says the most likable feature of NowLight is that one can attach about six satellite lamps in a single go. It is a compact and small device, which has a weight equivalent to a sugar bag. It is easy to set up. All you have to do is attach the cord, and you are sorted. It also comes with a solar charger.

Meeting Owl Pro

Remember your office meeting? The one we always did face to face with the other person? Now, given the ongoing pandemic state, it has been a while since we last visited the office. However, regardless of when we go back to the office, there will now be more people than ever working from home. On that lucky day, the incredibly cool gadget the Meeting Owl Pro will come handy. Tisca, who offers the best online course to learn python, says that she has been using the Meeting Owl Pro for a while, and it is one of the best investments she has ever made.

For people attending the meeting from home, the 1080p camera, which rotates 360-degrees, is the best. So, anyone working from home can still be a part of the meeting with this crisp and sharp device. Moreover, the audio in this cool home tech is really good owing to its 5.5m-radius mic. It has a smart zooming function and an autofocus feature.

Remarkably, it will hone in on the speaker. And for the people in the room, the powerful speakers work perfectly.

So, these are the four best in cool home tech, updated tech gadgets that you can invest in right away. They are innovative and bring tremendous changes in your life.

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