Cost of metal roofs – More or less than standard roofs?

9 Nov, 2021

Cost of metal roofs – More or less than standard roofs?

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If you own a property and have had to re construct your roof, you know the difficult decisions to make. If you have considered the cost of metal roofs versus more typical forms then you’ll know that this option is surprisingly efficient. As a homeowner you’ll no doubt need to consider the budget and durability. Read on to learn more.

cost of metal roofs
Metal can be remarkable efficient and durable

Is the cost of metal roofs more or less than typical roofs?

If you are on the hunt for the ideal roof for your home, consider a metal roof. You might be surprised to discover the popularity of metal roofs. This may be due to how durable and energy-efficient they are. Plus they also get high marks when it comes to protecting a home’s structure from hail, rain, wind, rot, and even fire. And although you may have doubts because you fear that metal roofs are expensive, consider the fact that they are practically maintenance-free. What is more they have an expected lifespan greater than 50 years.

The Evolution of roofs

It used to be that metal roofs had a bad reputation because of their shiny colors and obvious metallic look. These days, metal roofs are made in a variety of hues and finishes. What is more the cost of metal roofs can be surprisingly efficient.

This makes them more compatible with the style of a huge variety of homes. In addition, their profiles can be matte and formed to resemble any roofing material. This way, you can now find metal shingles that closely resemble asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, or whichever roofing material has caught your eye. And their distressed looks or irregular patterns are excellent at hiding any possible imperfections. These could be dents caused by a severe hail storm without affecting the roof’s overall appearance.

materials to use for a house roof
Metal sheeting is durable

How does the price of metal compare to that of asphalt shingles?

Take time to compare the price of corrugated metal panels to that of asphalt shingles. You may discover that they cost as much as 20% less. Yet, metal roofs need a few more accessories than asphalt shingles, such as screws, ridge caps, and flashing. Add those items up, and, in the end you could well be surprised. The difference between both roofs may be only a few hundred dollars of the price of traditional shingled roofs. However, add the long warranties attached to metal roofs, and the numbers may look even more favourable.

Are there any other costs associated with installing metal roofing?

You may find that you will have to absorb the cost of removing and hauling away the old shingles when installing a new metal roof. Note that this may not be included in your original quote. So check. You might get around this if the structure of your home is sturdy. If sturdy enough it might withstand a metal roof being installed on top of the existing shingles.

Talk to your roofer about this possibility and also about limitations imposed by local building codes. If this is allowed, your roofer would have to install wood purlins to provide an even base for the metal panels, which may do away with any savings.

cost of metal roofs
Metal roofing comes in a wide range of finishes

On the other hand, if you are only looking at metal for a section of your home, such as a garage, explains how metal would give you much better results since shingles would require a plywood base which metal will not.

A final thought on the cost of metal roofs

Another factor that will impact the final cost of using metal is the complexity of the roof itself. If there are several valleys and peaks, it may make installation take longer and become more expensive. Yet, once again, you need to keep in mind the longevity and lack of maintenance that accompany a metal roof when you are doing the final calculations to understand how much the metal roof would cost.



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