Professional Couple Swap Commute for House-sit

29 Oct, 2013

Professional Couple Swap Commute for House-sit

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Alick and Sarah – A house-sit for homeowners turned Trusty House-Sitters

Why a house-sit? About four years ago Alick an architect and Sarah a designer decided to move out of their one bedroom flat in London in search of their ideal country hideaway. They found a charming 15th Century cottage in a village setting and set about renovating their new home and living their dream.

The Cotswold cottage their weekend idyll after the weekly house-sit
Their Cotswold Cottage

For a whole year they poured their energies into building a lovely home, managing most of the renovations and decorations themselves. By the end of the renovation project not only were they dab hands with a paint brush but they were both also pretty au fait with the plumbing and the electrics throughout the house. Old and characterful buildings need careful handling.


Alick and Sarah - Now Very Practical, Dab Hands with a Paint Brush!
Alick and Sarah –  Very practical house-sitters dab hands with a paint brush!

As luck would have it, just as they were adding the final touches to the cottage renovations both Alick and Sarah’s work projects became rather intense and London based once again, requiring them to spend more time in the capital, making a long commute to the centre of London a daily requirement. They turned to HouseSitMatch to look for a suitable weekly house-sit. Relaxing at home in their country idyll became a rare event, restricted to weekends for these house-sitters.

Our House-Sitters Relaxing at Home after a Week Commuting to London.


Needless to say they commuted the long journey for professional and financial reasons and for the love of their work and house-sitting London provided the answer to a more manageable lifestyle.

A long commute or a house-sit?

However, after more than four years of training it up and down the Chiltern Railway line from Banbury to Marylebone Station in London they decided to try to find an alternative to the grueling four hours they spend on public transport each day. Why not try a house-sit they thought..? Then earlier this year they discovered the concept of house-sitting and decided to pursue house-sit opportunities in London. They approached HouseSit Match and soon became Premium house-sitters, ready to house-sit for either long or short term assignments in or around London.

Alick and Sarah are happy to house-sit for anyone if they can reduce their commute into work. They love animals and are not able to have a pet of their own at the moment, because of their long absence from home each day they believe it would be unfair on the animal to be left on their own all day. They are pracitcal, responsible homeowners themselves and are keen to find a house sit during the week. Can you help us find this young professional couple a house-sit in or around London?

To contact our trusty house-sitters Alick and Sarah about your house-sitting assignment – Check out the HouseSit Match profile for ALICK8.

TO REGISTER on as either a housesitter or a homeowner looking for someone to care for your property try HouseSitMatch and  FOLLOW THIS LINK




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