Create a fabulous pet friendly garden

28 Apr, 2023

Create a fabulous pet friendly garden

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Experienced petowners know the importance of creating a pet friendly garden. Creating a safe space for your dogs and cats through garden design and planting delivers a safe environment for our fur family.

pet friendly garden
Before introducing new and young pets review and assess your garden

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Paw-some Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

For your dog to be happy and healthy, it must be outdoors, enjoying clean air, playing, and getting mental stimulation. This is why a garden on your property makes sense. It’s wonderful fun to tend a garden, but if you have pets, you must also ensure it’s a safe environment for them.

Keep pets safe in a pet friendly garden

Every dog owner needs to maintain a pet-friendly garden. Dedicating a spot where you and your dogs may unwind leisurely only takes a little time for research and some effort. In this guide, you’ll find the best ways to make your garden a haven for you and your furry friends!

Choose hard landscape

Pet owners might need to resort to the backyard lawn or garden for dog exercise. So it is really important to ensure you have a pet friendly garden. As a dog needs to be able to walk and run around in your garden, the paths and surfaces must be suitable for this. This is why hard landscapes are the best option.

Reduces nail clipping

Because of this, dogs no longer need to have their nails clipped regularly. Instead, they can scratch their claws while running. Combining pavers with compressed hardcore can produce an aesthetically pleasing and practically dog-friendly area.

Dedicate a digging area

Instinctively, the dogs are always digging holes everywhere possible. Check your yard to ensure they wont cause unnecessary damage and you have a pet friendly garden.

Don’t try to prevent digging

Don’t try to stop your dog’s digging instincts because it’s not a habit but a natural behavior. There are various reasons why your dog may dig up your plants, garden, yard, or anywhere else with enough dirt, including boredom, territoriality, or even an innate hunting instinct.

Make a digging zone

Providing a “digging area” where dogs can bury treats or toys and praising them for digging there may help if your dog is strongly motivated to dig despite having all of its needs satisfied. You can choose from various dog treats range at VitaPet and immediately give your dog an idea about the approved digging area in your garden.


Keep garden chemicals secure for a pet friendly garden

Many weed killers and lawn treatments include chemicals that can harm pets and cause skin burns, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even respiratory failure. Dogs are sensitive to pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, so avoiding using them is best. If you must use a chemical in the garden, please ensure the items are pet-safe.

Protect young pets especially

Moreover, if you have puppies or kittens, you should keep chemicals in a limited garden area. Keep a pet friendly garden by storing chemicals away from the exposed areas in your garden. You can do this by building a fence around the reserved space. You don’t need a huge, pricey wooden fence to screen off gaps for your fence. Instead, you may use chicken wire and wood fence posts. Your prepared boundary will help to make a pet friendly garden.

Dedicate shady spots

pet friendly garden
Create spaces in the garden where your pets can find shade

Dogs don’t have the same system for regulating their body temperature as sweating does for humans. This means that they are in greater danger than most other animals during the summer months. This is why you should make sure there’s a shade that your dogs can use during hot summer days. Shade helps to create a pet friendly garden.

To create shade on your deck or patio, just hang a retractable sun shade and pull it down for your dogs. Your pet will appreciate the relief from the heat and sunlight you have provided.

Install water feature

Animals, like humans, enjoy the sights and sounds of water flowing. Furthermore, canines can cool off by perspiring through their paws. They can cool off by stomping through a pond or stream. Whether simple bubbling fountains or large ponds, water features may transform your backyard space into something spectacular and make your dog incredibly happy.

In addition, having a water feature in the yard makes it more lively. Around the water, dogs can enjoy the company of other creatures, such as bees and birds.

Choose pet friendly plants

While both gardening and having dogs can be rewarding, at some point, the two don’t get along because some plants can be toxic to canines. Fortunately, there are a variety of garden plants that won’t endanger your dog and will help to make a pet friendly garden.

pet friendly garden
Rosemary is non toxic to dogs and cats

●       Cilantro

Cilantro is a safe herb for dogs to consume and provides numerous benefits for canine health. Your dog may benefit from a few fresh cilantro leaves if it has a delicate stomach and digestive problems.

●       Sage

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) confirms that sage is safe for dogs and is not toxic at any dose. Sage’s dietary fiber content has been shown to aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients in canines.

●       Thyme

You can feel safe planting thyme if your dog ever gets into your herb garden. The herb has been linked to several positive health effects. Common digestive disorders in dogs that it is known to help are indigestion, digestive tract infection, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and dyspepsia.

●       Aster

Asters are wonderful fall flowers. Thankfully, these lovely flowers are not harmful to canines. Birds, butterflies, and bees will love visiting your garden because of the lovely blooms in eye-catching shades of pink, blue, and white reminiscent of fall.

●       Cornflower

Cornflowers are a well-liked addition to the wild meadow portion of a garden. A dog’s sensory garden would benefit significantly from these edible flowers used in premium restaurants.

●       Snapdragon

Your dog will not negatively react to the snapdragon even if he eats it, licks it, or rolls about in it. These colorful blossoms come in both perennial and annual kinds and are simple to grow.

●       Roses

Roses are the highlight of a diverse botanical garden. Just beware of their spiky thorns. Your dog could get a bad cut or piercing if it dashes across the garden borders where the spikey flowers are planted.

●       Sunflower

Planting sunflowers in a yard where your dogs play is a great idea. Every part of the plant, including the flowers and stalks, is entirely safe for your dog to eat. You can feed your dogs sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are high in protein and healthy fats, which boost your dog’s antioxidant levels.

pet friendly garden
Sunflowers are a good plant in a pet friendly garden

Final word on a pet friendly garden

With some planning, you and your pets can safely enjoy your home garden together. Create a pet friendly garden. Dog-friendly landscaping and safe cat friendly plants help create a safe space for them to play. You can also prevent destructive boredom and reinforce positive, instinctual dog behaviors, leading to a contented and healthy canine. In addition to the ideas shared here, pet owners can learn by talking to fellow fur parents for more advice on creating a pet-safe garden on their property.



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