Create a home with the cool factor

12 Feb, 2023

Create a home with the cool factor

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Finding a way to make your home comfortable and attractive is a focus for many a homeowner. But it is few who can create a home with the cool factor. Read on to learn our expert top tips.

How to create a home with the cool factor

home with the cool factor
Making a bright home full of curiosities makes it personal and cool


Did you know that we spend 62% of our waking time at home? This number’s even higher for those who work from home! Your home should be your haven. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should also be full of amazing amenities that’ll make you want to stay on your property forever. Even if you’re not building a house from the ground up, it’s not too late to make improvementsWant to have the coolest house on the block? Then keep reading. Here are some things you can add!

A swimming pool

A pool is literally cool since it offers you respite on those hot summer days. There are various pool sizes to choose from, as well as shapes. So even the smallest, most awkward yards can have one installed!

some properties increase their impact with a swimming pool

If you have the space, then consider adding a hot tub too. After tiring laps in the pool, you can then hop in the hot tub and soothe your aching muscles.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much room to work with, then go for just the hot tub. You can spend countless hours reading a good book with a glass of wine in there.

Dog bathing station

If you already have a dog or are thinking of getting one, then a dog bathing station is a must. The ideal place for one is in the garage. That way, you can get your furry friend clean as soon as you come home from a fun trip, and they won’t track mud, dirt, and debris into your home.

Surround the area with your pet’s favorite toys and treats, and they’ll be begging to get bathed!

Outdoor shower stations

home with the cool factor
An outdoor shower station has many advantages


For the humans in your life who love the great outdoors, they’ll appreciate a few outdoor shower stations. This is really helpful if you live by the beach or have a pool since people won’t track sand and dirt inside.

Instead, they can quickly rinse off at these stations, grab a towel, and head inside without extra work for you.

Dual kitchen workspaces

Do you feel like there’s never enough room in the kitchen? And do you have more than one foodie in the household? Then you’ll benefit from dual kitchen workspaces. These are handy to have if you entertain often and everyone likes to contribute. You can even host cooking workshops with your friends and have plenty of room to prep. Not only are these workspaces functional, but they add visual appeal to your kitchen too.

Vertical indoor herb garden

If you’re tired of using dried herbs for your dishes and hate how much money you’re spending on fresh ones at the store, then start growing your own herbs.

Many people have herb gardens in their yards or window sills, but why not build a vertical one next to your stove? You won’t have to step away from your cooking to pluck some fresh cilantro or parsley!

A bonus is that all this greenery will look marvelous indoors. It’ll bring life and energy to an otherwise drab area.

Shadow chandeliers

Chandeliers make excellent focal points, mostly in dining rooms. This is why you’ll usually find them in this space. However, you can put them in other rooms, especially if you purchase shadow chandeliers. These already look really cool, as there will be intricate designs cut into the chandelier. When you turn on the lights inside, you’ll see fascinating patterns strewn across your walls.

Because there are so many designs available, you can put them in any and every room if you wish. Both your household and guests will marvel over the beautiful designs.

Swing set table

Admittedly, this idea can be a bit precarious, so it’s not the best thing for a house with small kids. However, if your children are grown up, or it’s just you (and your spouse) in the house,  then go for it! A swing set table can add lots of fun to your meals or afternoon tea. 

You can even place one of these tables outdoors if your yard has the space and the weather’s good enough. It’s certainly a furniture piece that’ll get people talking!

Staircase slide

Here’s something fun for the little ones if you have a spiral staircase. It’s already exciting to go on winding steps as you get from floor to floor, but a slide on the slide bumps things up a notch!

You won’t have to spend hours trying to get your kids up in the morning since they’ll be fighting over who gets to go down the slide first. They’ll never tire of this indoor plaything!

Bookcase stairs

Real bookworms will have books flooding out of their homes. If this is happening to you, then rest easy: we’ve come up with an ingenious solution. You can take advantage of the space in your staircase by carving out spots for books. You can fill the surrounding areas with books, as well as in between each step. Of course, you need to make sure it’s still structurally sound, so you may need to consult with an architect.

Not only do you get more storage space for your precious books, but you get a cool-looking staircase too.

Heat-sensitive tiles

Here’s a secret: manufacturers have heat-sensitive tiles! If you put them in your shower, they’ll look normal and boring when no one’s inside. However, the moment you turn on your shower, they’ll start changing into colors like blue, green, red, orange, and yellow. Even if you have a shower, the rising steam should be enough to change the tiles into a magnificent rainbow.

Create the best home with the cool factor in town!

It might take a bit of money and work to implement the suggestions we’ve given you. But it’ll be worth it in the end when all your neighbors can talk about is your house. What’s great is, these things are both impressive and functional. Not to mention, they add value to your property too. You’ll definitely come out on top after these home improvements!



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