Create an inviting homeowner profile – Top Tips

21 Feb, 2023

Create an inviting homeowner profile – Top Tips

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As new homeowner and petowner members join our Housesitmatch network we like to offer help. Some of the help is in the shape of handy tips on how to get the most out of their membership. One of the most important first steps is learning how to create an inviting homeowner profile. Here are our top tips. Read them and use them. They can really help your profile and adverts stand out inviting more housesitters to learn more and apply.

How to create an inviting homeowner profile

Present your home in a good light, take the photo on a bright day and highlight a feature of the property.

The goal of the homeowner profile on a housesitting platform is to get attention so that your housesit is selected over someone else’s in the listings. Of course there are many other factors that come into play such as the dates of your assignment and your location. However, it is worth making every effort to present your home and pets in the best possible light. In this article we offer you some top tips for how to prioritise the photos you take and how to make the very best of the housesit features you have to offer.

Here are some of the top tips that will help you draw attention in a homeowner profile.

Property photos – Size isn’t everything!

property and real estate investment
A small apartment in a city centre can be very attractive for sitters, it is compact and centrally located. This is ideal if the sitter is on foot and without their own transport

Whether you have a large attractive property or a small apartment to list, focus on the best features of your property.

Small property and home – Checklist of features to consider in your profile

Your home may be small but you likely have some real advantages to living in your location. For example, many housesitters love to be within walking distance to all the amenities of a city. The city centre often has attractions like museums, art galleries and all manner of entertainment centres.

A balcony space can be a wonderful feature of your property

Consider all these items on the checklist when building your profile:

  1. Balcony or view – If you have a balcony or view even in a small house or apartment this is an attractive feature
  2. Location – Convenient access to all amenities, airport and public transport
  3. Access to shopping and cultural sites – Entertainment and shopping on the doorstep
  4. Travel season tickets – some homeowners are happy to lend these to the housesitters
  5. Local parks for walking dogs and a change of scene.

Medium sized property and home – Checklist of features you might mention

If yours is a family sized four bedroom property then it too will have advantages for housesitters.

homeowner profile
A family home will have many features that will suit a wide range of housesitters, not least space.

Often in a well sized family home there is a dedicated space used as an office. This can be a real boon for digital nomad housesitters who work wherever they travel. Some homes may also have other attractive features like a games room or a cinema room for family viewing.


homeowner profile
An indoor cinema is always a good feature to promote

If you have a medium sized home with reasonable access to fun and interesting locations nearby, describe that. Describe the space and practical features of your family home which is geared up for a multiple people to live in. And highlight the places nearby you really enjoy. Give them the tourist inside track near your home.

homeowner profile
Outdoor seating is very appealing to housesitters, especially if your property is in a town or city

Wherever your property is located and whatever size, if you have outdoor space present it as well as you can. This will make it inviting and appealing to housesitters, who may not have a garden of their own.

homeowner profile
If you have an outdoor space tidy the scene and dress it up for the photo

The chances are the housesitters will appreciate any tips you have for cafes, restaurants, interesting historical locations and other local attractions.

  1. Comfortable family home – can accommodate a small family
  2. Can accommodate a house sitter’s pet e.g. dog
  3. You might have one or two spare bedrooms for a couple of friends to housesit together
  4. Family dining table outdoors in the garden
  5. Off road parking available; plus do state if you have a car available for use.

Large sized property and home – Checklist of features to mention

homeowner profile
Many people are attracted by architecture and history – This is Ruth’s chateau in France

You might have a large property or even an estate with many features to promote it. Draw out some of the attractions on the property, things you think the sitters will enjoy discovering while they housesit.  Here is your checklist of things that housesitters find really useful to know:

  1. A swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi
  2. Grounds to walk and exercise the pets
  3. Attractive views from the property
  4. River or stream that runs through the property
  5. Off road parking available; plus do state if you have a car available for use.

The views inside your home

One of the most important things to remember is that housesitters will be living in. And most housesitters say they like to see a little of your home in the profile. Usually they tell us that the most important rooms for you to share are the bedroom where they will be staying, the kitchen and the living area.

Make sure there is clean bedlinen for the day they arrive, and clear a little space in your wardrobe or a drawer or two for the housesitters things.


how to revamp a house
It’s useful for the sitter to see what appliances you have in the kitchen. And make sure to give them an area where they can keep their food supplies.

Share that fabulous vista

Wherever your home is located, whether you have an apartment, or a house overlooking a body of water, take a photo of your view. That picture will add real interest to your profile and will give the sitter an idea of what to expect.

homeowner profile
Capture the view and share it on your profile. Housesitters often love the opportunity to discover a new landscape. This is a homeowner’s view in Devon

Ask our garden sitters to tend and water your patch

homeowner profile
If there is a vegetable garden to water and tend, share photos so they know what to expect. Some sitters are experienced garden sitters and love to have this kind of activity in the Summer.

Pet photos on the homeowner profile

Housesitting assignments are almost always about the pets. So make sure to share photos of your precious pal to ensure the housesitter knows who they will be caring for. Some sitters are comfortable with any type of pet. However, others are not experienced or comfortable for example with large dogs. Be clear in your profile and in your housesit advert which pets you need care for while you are away.

Dogs – small or large

Not all sitters have experience with walking or looking after dogs of a certain size, large dogs in particular. It is surprising how many large dog breeds create surprisingly child friendly pets though they can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. The same goes for horses and other types of pets. So be clear about your brief in text and visuals.

child-friendly large dog breeds
This is Moose the Great Dane; he lives in the UK.

Other people will shy away from caring for particular breeds of dogs. Perhaps because they might have a reputation for nervous energy or because they need a lot of exercise and entertainment.

Some breeds need a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Be mindful that you describe what is expected in their daily routine


Your pet personality in a picture – Try to capture their best features

Your pet may have a particular personality, try to capture that in your pet photo. If they are sweet in nature, or have a cheeky personality it can be fun trying to capture that in your pet profile pictures.

homeowner profile
Meet Bonita, from Spain. She’s a sweet natured dog who takes a lovely picture


house sitters in Cornwall
Puffin from Cornwall is very playful. She loves her ball!

How are your pets with people?

One of the important things to show is how your pets behave with people. It is also good to show yourself interacting with your pets if you can.

homeowner profile
Peter and his cat Tatti live in the UK. Their popular housesit is located in Buckinghamshire

If you want to demonstrate that your pets are perfectly friendly and happy to be handled then take some photos to show that.  Not all cats like to be touched, but if yours are perfectly happy to be stroked then demonstrate this in a photo. A picture speaks a thousand words.

cats are the best pets
This is Feline the Siamese cat. She lives in France with her family

Final thoughts on how to create a homeowner profile

The wonderful thing about creating your own homeowner profile on a housesitting platform is that you decide how your pets and home appear. Please use these top tips as a guide for how to create your public profile. At Housesitmatch we are always happy to help registered members to create their profile. Feel free to contact us to find that support when you join We’re always happy to help.


If you are not yet a member of but will need housesitters or petsitters this year, join our network.

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