Create an organised and efficient home – Here’s how

23 Apr, 2021

Create an organised and efficient home – Here’s how

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‘Keeping house’ as it used to be called is an art form. Actually you need to be great manager or people and things as a homeowner in today’s society.  Yet there is a real skill today in how to create an organised and efficient home.  With many people leading busy lifestyles in the modern world, life can become pretty complicated. Working full time and running a household with children and pets mean that family commitments leave little time for anything else. Even keeping up with the basics, such as grocery shopping, can be a challenge with so many demands on your time.

Always wanted to create an organised and efficient home?

create an organised and efficient home
A tidy home releases time for other activities

When you have many commitments to fulfil and feel that you are being pulled in all directions, it makes sense to do all you can to make your life as simple as possible. When you do manage to get away from work and spend time at home, the chances are that you want to use this break to chill out and relax as much as possible. But, you may find that the day-to-day tasks involved in running a home make it difficult for you to enjoy your downtime. It is helpful to look for solutions that help you make more of your time away from work and enable you to choose how you spend your time at home.

An excellent way to make your life easier and much less stressful is to create a home that is organized and efficient. An organized, efficient home is so much easier to run and makes it far simpler to stay on top of the chores and errands that form part of being a homeowner. Here are some tips to help you create an organized and efficient home that simplifies your life and reduces your stress levels.

Start With a Tidying Session

To feel relaxed in your living space, it needs to be tidy. The living environment can make a significant impact on how a person feels. So ensuring that yours is clean and tidy is an excellent way to make time spent at home a positive experience. Clutter has a negative effect on people’s moods. Many people believe that a cluttered home causes a cluttered mind. If you have ever had to rummage through a bundle of clothes in your bedroom to find something to wear, you will understand. There is plenty of truth to the cluttered home, cluttered mind theory. When you are always surrounded by stuff in your home, it makes life harder. Simple tasks such as finding essential items you need for the day become time-consuming.

Making space to sit down and relax can feel like a challenge when you are surrounded by stuff. Having a cluttered home also means the arrival of an unexpected visitor can fill you with panic as you hurry to tidy around before letting them inside your home. Each of these clutter-fuelled scenarios brings added stress and pressure into your life that you don’t need. 

Create order in your living space

To enjoy your home and the time spent in it, you need to create an organised and efficient home. Create order and get your living space and cupboards organized. Starting by decluttering is the best way to take control of your home and keep it tidy. Removing clutter from your home can be incredibly cathartic and make your living space feel fresh and new again.

Sorting through your stuff and deciding which items you keep and which you give to charity is a start. Then you can decide which ones you can sell if they have value. Soon you will reduce your clutter and free up plenty of space in your home. If you have items that are difficult to store at home but want to keep,  consider secure storage options . That way you can keep them safe and easily accessible when you need them.

Storing your items safely will help you to create even more space at home and give you the peace of mind your items are being looked after.

Organize Your Paperwork

While life at work may be full of paperwork, this can often be true of homelife too. Life admin can be hugely time-consuming and challenging to keep up with. Staying on top of which bills need to be paid when and keeping track of your mail can become complicated. You may also find you have gathering piles of paperwork in your home. They have to be dealt with but you opened them a while ago so have no idea where to begin.  To make it easier to keep on top of these mundane yet essential aspects of life, make one big push to get organized. Then set routines and everything should become a lot easier to manage in the future.

Filing your emails and written correspondence as you go makes it so much simpler to find everything later on. It will save you plenty of time when it comes to paying bills. It is also helpful to make a note of critical dates such as your insurance policy renewal dates. And remember to set reminders so that these are not forgotten or overlooked. Some people find that going old-school and using a physical planner or calendar provides a tactical reminder. It can prompt you daily or in advance of key payments and helps them keep track of important dates. 

create an organised and efficient home

Sometimes having a housekeeper saves you a lot of time at home

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Choose Time-Saving Household Tips

Running a household often creates an endless to-do list that is impossible to complete. But, with the help of some time-saving household tips, you will be able to work through your chores much faster. Meal planning in advance can be a great way to make your life more organized and help home life run more efficiently. Meal planning and shopping for an entire week will mean there is no time wasted wondering what to cook. Moreover, all the ingredients will be ready and waiting for you without any last-minute dashes to the store. Save even more time by ordering groceries online. Get them delivered directly to your home to minimise time in the supermarket and queuing.

Tackling small tasks as you go is another excellent way to keep on top of your household chores. It will save you time for leisure and relaxation. Tidying up as you go and keeping on top of laundry during the week takes a little more effort. However, it actually saves time and prevents these tasks from eating into your weekend. Even doing 20 minutes of housework each day helps to claw back precious free time on the weekends. 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you’re feeling drained by your busy schedule and managing everything is just too much, find help. There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help when you need it. If you have a pet, you may be worried that they are not getting the attention they need while you’re working. Getting help from a professional pet-sitting service will alleviate this worry and ensure your pet continues to thrive. When life gets too stressful, something has to give. If that means hiring a cleaner or housekeeper to help you stay on top of chores, this can help relieve a lot of pressure. Better still it means you keep your home organized even if you are too busy to do it yourself. Getting external help will make time at home simpler and erase the guilt an unkempt home can create. 

A final word on how to create an organised and efficient home

Once you have got your home organized and running efficiently, you’ll find life becoming far less stressful. Your downtime or leisure time becomes a pleasure rather than your contingency time to catch up. Learning how to create an organised and efficient home really helps you manage many other aspects of daily life. With everything in order, you just need to relax and spend time enjoying your home with people you love.



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