Create the perfect garden – 7 Top tips

19 Jul, 2021

Create the perfect garden – 7 Top tips

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Many homeowners dream of ideas for the perfect garden, wanting a haven to relax in at home. Here are 7 top tips on how to create your very own perfect outdoor space to relax in and enjoy the outdoor life at home.

Create the perfect garden: 7 Tips for an extravagant outdoor space

the perfect garden
Remember to dress up your terrace for a sense of occasion

Whatever size garden you have, big or small, you want it to be a sanctuary. It can be a place you can escape to and relax in the summer sun. Invest in creating the perfect garden and gain the added benefit of boosting the value of your home.

Having your own private oasis will improve your health as you’ll be spending more time outdoors. You’ll also have the joy of impressing all your friends, family and neighbours with your extravagant outdoor space.

There are few pleasures more satisfying in a home than creating your own garden and grass can form a major part of that garden. We’re here to help you achieve the perfect garden, a luxury outdoor of your dreams with these vital tips.

The perfect garden storage solutions

An unsightly shed can completely ruin the look you’re going for when creating your luxury outdoor space in the perfect garden. When upgrading your old, tired shed, try something that is secure and chic.

Metal sheds from Buy Sheds Direct are a fantastic solution. They hit both targets when looking for something that is both secure and stylish.

Metal sheds come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every garden. So you don’t have to worry about your shed ruining the aesthetic of your private oasis. Choose one that suits your style.

High-quality grass seed

The last thing any extravagant outdoor space needs is patchy grass and weeds. Investing in high-quality grass seeds is a must if you’re going for a lavish vibe; superior quality seeds prevent grass from becoming patchy.

These hardy varieties also block weeds from sprouting during the growing process, which will give your lawn a rich and luxurious feel all year long.

As well as being practical for fighting weeds, vibrant and healthy green grass is aesthetically pleasing.

It adds a settled look to your garden. If you’re unsure of how to begin reseeding a lawn or to tackle weeds, find a good gardener to help you create a beautiful lawn.

healthy lawn
A rich coloured lawn creates a settle look for your property

A Green House in the Perfect Garden

Another thing that we recommend is that you have a green house. If you already have one, then you might want to look into polycarbonate materials in order to protect it. This can be found in a number of places, so just take a look around.

You can grow a number of things here, like flowers, fruits, delicate plants and exotic fruit. In addition it will add value for the next person who wants to buy your home. Greenhouses are not in every garden plot so you will add a certain potential and value to your property for future buyers.

Outdoor garden furniture

Once you have your garden in good condition, you’ll no doubt want to show off the results. Finish your garden with some stylish, high-quality furniture to create an inviting space for guests, and enjoy gorgeous garden parties to fantastic barbecues all summer.

A popular choice in 2021 is rattan furniture; opt for a laid-back sofa and coffee table perfect for relaxing during the day, or go for a dining table with several cushioned chairs for beautiful outdoor dinner parties. If you have the budget, why not enjoy both?

Which is your favourite garden furniture?

When you pick your furniture, it’s important to ensure that it is chic and comfortable while staying in line with the overall look of your garden. The right furniture will create the perfect backdrop for a day of sunbathing or enjoying some good food and fine wine in the long summer evenings.

Designing a luxury garden space takes simple touches, but larger investments on things like furniture will serve you well in the long run.

Garden lighting

A little light goes a long way at night, and darkness can also be used to great effect to showcase a feature or hide less attractive areas in your garden. With plenty of eco-friendly lighting options available, you can light your landscape effectively without needing to feel guilty about energy consumption.

Flexibility is important, and exterior spike lights are ideal as they can be easily moved to suit any design changes; place them along pathways to help guests move around your garden without fear of tripping. Alternatively, lights designed to look like candles in glass holders provide an appealing way to light up your garden; place on steps or hang along paths for an instantly beautiful atmosphere.

Highlighting a water feature

If your garden has a water feature, use light to create movement and patterns that reflect the surrounding area. Simple underwater spotlights beneath the flow of water or fibre optics within water jets create a magical effect. Similarly, lighting key features throughout your garden will give you an elegant finish to wow your guests; draw the eye to large trees or statues to add a touch of mystery.

the perfect garden
Outdoor lighting creates a sense of occasion any time of year, and can help you create the perfect garden for use night and day

Outdoor firepit

A firepit is a practical way to extend your time spent in the garden.  It can also be an excellent focal point at the centre of your seating area.

As the nights draw in and the evening gets colder, your guests will love your luxury firepit. Choose a simple shape with a stylish design, add a fire globe on your tabletop to create dancing shadows, or opt for something more elegant. There are plenty of beautiful firepits that will compliment your garden aesthetic.

Water feature

Who doesn’t love the sound of babbling water in the garden? A water feature is a perfect addition to any luxury garden design. It adds an air of style, tranquillity, and all-around opulence. Incorporating elements like rocks, sand, gravel, plants and grasses in a cohesive style helps create a coordinated look.

Water features will need cleaning; over time, they can become slimy and start to smell, especially during the colder months. This is something you could do yourself. However, you can just as easily find professionals you can hire to do the job proficiently.

Think about the placement of your water feature; will it be in the centre of your garden? where it will catch the eye of every guest. You could also opt for a more subtle approach and surround your water feature with flowers in a corner for a more secret garden vibe.

Hot tub

For the ultimate opulence, consider installing a hot tub if you have the space for it. People often think of pools as the ultimate luxury addition to a garden, yet the weather here in the UK can let us down. So instead of a pool, many people now opting for a hot tub as an alternative.

the perfect garden
A hot tub adds a touch of luxury to any garden

Hot tubs give people the chance to unwind in indulgent surroundings and can be used all year round. They are particularly wonderful in the winter with a glass of wine in hand, the firepit crackling and snow gently falling.

More ideas for your hot tub

  • Home Spa: Turn a separate area of your garden into your own personal spa retreat for enjoying the hot bubbling water after a long day.
  • Sink It Into The Decking: If you want a sleek and understated look, sink a hot tub into your decking for the perfect place to entertain your guest at a summer barbeque.
  • Forest Bathing: Enclose your hot tub in trees for a forest bathing vibe, know as one the most relaxing and tranquil experiences.
  • Night time Dip: Try enjoying your hot tub at night by candlelight; incorporate lanterns and star-shaped light to transport yourself straight into a fairy tale.
  • Make A Statement: Pick a theme for your hot tub and create an amazing place to escape reality. Add glorious arches, columns, and creeping vines to be transported to a Roman bathhouse. Designing the space for your hot tub with themes will give your garden a magical focal point. It will impress your guests. Moreover, it can also give you added privacy if your garden is overlooked.
  • Cover Your Hot Tub: If you want year-round use without sitting out in the elements, consider installing a canopy or gazebo to protect your hot tub and make using it more comfortable in any weather.

However you decided to style your hot tub, it will be a fantastic addition to your design for the perfect garden. Once ready and you can enjoy being in it you’ll find yourself more relaxed than ever.

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