Creating a pet friendly space – Top Tips

25 May, 2022

Creating a pet friendly space – Top Tips

As every pet owner knows it is not always easy to create a pet friendly space within the home. However, with a little research it can be done to accommodate a wide range of animals. Read this blog to learn more about how to achieve the best suitable living space for your pets.

How to create a pet friendly space

pet friendly space
Making a home pet friendly is critical for safety and comfort

When you’re looking for a new property, you might want to also consider the other members of your household. Many homeowners may have already given due thought to the aspects required of a new home for their children, but you may also want to keep your pets in mind. This can give you better insight into the type of home you need. Even if you don’t have pets currently, you may also want to consider this aspect, especially if you are planning on getting them in the near future.

Find matching properties

It can be difficult to find properties with certain specific requirements when searching on your own. This is why using the services of a realty broker like Compass could really make things that much easier. A broker may be able to take on some of those specifications you have and then forward property listings to you that match, or closely match those requirements. This could be significantly easier than attempting to trawl the property pages on your own. At the same time, they may also be able to help you find certain compromises that can still keep your family and animals happy but might be easier to find or afford.

Think about flooring

Having pets can be brilliant for your family, but they can also be a significant responsibility. Should your pet be unwell, they may leave a mess on the floor. Likewise, dogs or cats may also have the ability to pull up carpets or scratch wooden flooring. Therefore, you may want to consider what type of flooring is already present in the properties you view, and how it could be affected. This may mean that you either need to look for properties that have animal-friendly floors, such as tiling, or instead consider that it may be prudent to replace items. This could then have a knock-on effect on your overall budget.

Outdoor spaces

pet friendly space
Consider the different uses for your pet’s dog house

Not all pets live within the home. While cats, dogs, and reptiles may be content inside, smaller animals or pond fish may thrive within a garden. If you already have fish, you may want to bring them with you to your new home, so a pond could be an essential requirement. Other small animals, such as rabbits, may be kept in outdoor enclosures. Yet, they may also need a significant amount of space to run around, both when you’re outdoors and when left to their own devices. This may mean that flats or homes with small terraces aren’t suitable for your family. Knowing this beforehand can help to rule out a number of properties and save you a significant amount of time.

Pet friendly space essentials

Choosing a house can be difficult on its own. However, when you add pets into the equation you may find your options to be rather limited. By seeking support and considering the essential aspects, rather than all preferences, you may be able to find your family a new place to live where they will be happy, regardless of how many legs they walk on.



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